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#105052 New XCOM trailer

Posted by Lysear on 17 June 2011 - 08:34 PM in News

View PostThe Veteran, on 17th June 2011, 8:05pm, said:

Just a thought but I'm guessing all the data for this game will probably be situated in one dev studio somewhere. If we find out where maybe we can still get rid of it before it's finished? Nice electrical surge might do it but why risk a maybe. We could torch the place... Destroy everything... After making just enough prank calls to the fire service to keep the engines busy of course...

Seems like 2 places  Novato, CA   and Canberra (aus)

so yeah maybe a dual strike is needed.

#105048 New XCOM trailer

Posted by Lysear on 17 June 2011 - 04:43 PM in News

Man... watching you like this really makes me depressed.
I mean seriously. The rage is something we all know and love, but when The SpoonyOne is SO affected by a game that he goes past the angry into a sort of sad trance towards the end... Don't recall any game doing that before.

It goes without saying that I agree though. This thing has no right to exist under the XCOM name. At this stage, I'm pretty sure 2K does this more or less just to rub it into the face of the nostalgic gamers for laughs.

Comment from the spooney vid    ^^

but the last paragraph hits it spot on for me

#105036 New XCOM trailer

Posted by Lysear on 17 June 2011 - 05:54 AM in News

"Slang and heavy accents obfuscate speech even more"

Ha`way and why-aye like

Nah seriously should have a newspaper headline like "ALIENS INVADE NEWCASTLE - UK"  then i could turn round and say nah thats just the local populace.  ^^

#104945 New XCOM trailer

Posted by Lysear on 11 June 2011 - 06:08 PM in News

View PostThe Veteran, on 11th June 2011, 5:17pm, said:

I've finally got round to watching that German trailer. Honestly? This could be a really great game if they just changed the name. It looks pretty interesting (but nothing like X-Com) The FPS slant could potentially be fun I guess (but nothing like X-Com) It may be a stupid map of North America only but the brief glimpse of the campaign map seems to indicate a little choice in missions and locations (nothing like X-Com though) The 'capture turret tech' was just pure bullcrap though I have to say (AND nothing like X-Com) Looked like something from Enforcer in all but graphics. Like you're going to pick up a black ball of alien nano-bots which are fluctuating wildly and emanating some strange electro-magnetic anti-gravitational force... Hmm ok, leave that to the cleanup crews... The hadn signals are good for a FPS (but nothing like X-Com) and lets be honest you could be playing ANY FPS in the world with these characteristics...

End of the day it's starting to look like there may be basic elements of the old games which have been implemented outside of the action ( I WILL NOT call it a battlescape because it just isn't...) but that's not going to be enough... In the original franchise, the battlescape was only a small portion of a much larger game which required a lot of dexterity and global tactics on the players part. I believe the FPS part of this game will constitute between 75-90% of it's total worth however and that simply doesn't compare to X-Com. Add to that the fact that there simply IS NO less tactical kind of game than a FPS and you've basically taken all of the components from the old series, chopped them up, sexed them up and taken a massive dump on them before setting the whole lot on fire.

This could be a really good game but it will NEVER be an X-Com game...

*Tips my hat and shouts hurrah*

honestly couldn`t have put it better myself   :)      x-com is and never shoud be a fps.. ever.   enforcer doesnt count as an x-com game coz its pure shit,   even intercepter was shit.   Just shows you stray away from the roots of the game and you get a shitty game with the x-com label stuck to it.

This will be bargain binned within 2 months once the cod heads realise  MW 12 is out just after it. :P

#104748 New XCOM trailer

Posted by Lysear on 03 June 2011 - 04:17 PM in News

Pretty much XCom: Bioshock      think ill still pass    lol

#104711 Xenonauts

Posted by Lysear on 01 June 2011 - 09:57 AM in Special Projects

Another update on their main page

Coming along nicely now and lots of publicity, some of those house models already have me drawing up attack plans on them  (or i could just rocket the whole structure!!  :P)

Apparently a ground combat mission is included in the next update for the beta/pre-order people so will be feedback on the forums, which will be soon released.

Off to lurk around a bit...

#104622 UFO/EU Multiplayer AAR Discussion

Posted by Lysear on 26 May 2011 - 08:18 AM in Enemy Unknown

yeah fine with me too.  Wont be as easy as the tftd one though here as we dont have psi :P

#104567 Running with Pineapples

Posted by Lysear on 23 May 2011 - 04:08 PM in Enemy Unknown

On assuming my command i let the Orchard ranger dock at its homebase then sell off all the goodies it brought back, for a total of around 6m which gives us a grand total of 15m-ish in the bank.  Couple of days later UFO-89 (Floater Abducter, on an abduction mission funnily enough  :P) is spotted in the airspace around orchard.  I decide to send out the intercepter to tail it.

It flies around N Africa for a bit before landing at around 5am in the morning - Orchard ranger is loaded with 10 Troops (Pat is still in sickbay but there is plenty of experienced troops to send out)

Orchard Ranger lands at the UFO just as day is breaking

Tactical Battle  (Landed Abducter, Floaters)

Turns 1-2
Posted Image

Smoke deployed, Pilot has dropped us in the SW with the abducter located to the NE of our position.  After the smoke gives them cover, Yoko and Dwight head north, while Igor and Scott deploy east with getting to the UFO their priority.

Turn 3
Posted Image
Posted Image

Igor scouts eastward and spots a floater in the barren field NE of him, Norm probes it and lets him know it has no chance to react, Igor takes the opportunity to fire 2 snaps at it but all he succeeds in doing is destroying 2 parts of the fence.  Scott helps him out by putting a grenade under its floaty self.  Dwight also scouts north and also discovers a floater directly ahead (agin Norm probes and it cant react), Dwight puts it down with a single hit from his burst.  (Aliens Turn - Grenade vaporises the floater leaving its weapon behind, and another floater is spotted moving around the grenaded area).

Turn 4
Norm gets probing on the floater (6hp left so the grenade must have got it), Igor finishes it with an aimed shot.  Tatyana and Neil head to the southern edge of the area and move east along the edge heading for 2 barns.  Yoko and Dwight push north towards a stabling area while Munty takes the opportunity to get up on the rangers wing to provide sniper cover.  (Aliens Turn - Another floater is spotted heading towards the grenade blasted area  probably looking for its friends).

Turn 5
Norm probes it aswell (just a soldier used up all its time),  sniper Munty hits it in the chest with an aimed shot from elevation but it doesnt drop it - he asks Norm to scan it again, norm does so and tells him he barely scratched the alien and didnt even cause it to bleed.  Kenji from the foot of the ramp gets on his knee and finishes the job with an aimed shot that catches it in the chest and punches through the area that munty hit and it goes down.  Yoko spots a floater to the north of the stable area but misses with 2 bursts and decides to hide behind a tree.  Tatyana and Neil in the south reach the cover of the barn wall.

Turn 6
Posted Image
Posted Image

Dwight heads into the stable to get a jump on the N floater but it seemed like the floater had the same idea and he comes face to face with it inside,  He needed 3 hits from 2 bursts to bring the beast down.  Yoko covers the stable opening incase anyone tries to get a drop on Dwight.  Igor Pushes towards the UFO  whilke Scott heads slightly south to get through the narrow passage between the 2 barns,  he catches a glimpse of a floater to the east of the abducter while glancing through a window.  No one can take it so they ignore it for now.  Tatyana walks round the southern-most barn while Neil makes a hole in the wall near the stairs.    Munty moves to support Igor,  While Norm and Sarah clear the LZ and head north to help out Yoko and Dwight.  (Aliens Turn - igor is shot from what looked like the barns 1st floor to his east)

Turn 7

Tatyana rounds the barn and gets a visual on the floater previously spotted to the east of the Ufo - She hits it in the chest and head with 2/3 shots from her pistol burst and hears it moan as its innards are pasted to the hull of the craft.  Neil runs upstairs in the barn and reports it free of any nastys.  Scott covers the ufo door from his position slightly south.  Igor is bleeding from a plasma hole in his chest but gets into cover against the barn wall while munty heads over and patches his wound up with his various cartoon character bandages. He puts a Batfink one on igor.  Norm is ordered to proceed to the Ufo to help with the breach team.

Turn 8
Posted Image

Neil jumps out of the 1st floor of the barn through a hole he made and links back up with Tatyana and they both Cover the ufo door from the south  while Scott pushes up and gets to the E of the door,  Igor feeling a bit better at having a cartoon bandage on heads up and covers the W side of the door.  Munty floats up and covers it from above (anything deciding to walk out of that door will be swiss cheesed),  Northern team keep sweeping up to the NW corner and up the west of the ufo hull.

Turn 9

Dwight reports NW all clear  and Yoko heads round to the rear of the ufo.   Munty scans the ufo from above the entrance and has a blip immediatly in fron of his position but not knowing which floor,  Scott is given the nod and he charges in but finds no-one in the entrance area so he ducks back out.  Kenji is asked to get into the barn that the shooter of igor was seen in.

Turn 10
Posted Image

Yoko continues scouting round the back of the ufo and spots a barn in the NE corner of the map, Sarah and Dwight are sent to support him in getting to it.  Igor and Scott breach the ufo and cover the inner door and Munty and Norm take back-up positions.  (Alien Turn -  Ambuuuuuushhhhh,   Yoko is hit from the NE barn but his suit holds up, also Norm is hit in the back from the first floor of the barn he spins round and hits his assailent with a raction shot but doesnt kill it.  Kenji also reacts and puts a different floater down in the same barn.

Turn 11
Posted Image

Norm kills his attacker and munty heads over to patch the 3 hoies in his back up (Transformer bandages for this fella), Yoko is unscathed and is able to put down his attacker with 3 shots connecting from 2 bursts.   Scott heads into the central ufo room and is faced with 2 floaters looking at him,  Calmly he places a burst into the one on the left and it goes down and again putting a burst into the other one brings that one down too, he steps back out of the door.

Turn 12
Posted Image

Scott and Igor cover the door to the rear of the ufo while munty comes in and hides under the table.

Turn 13
Posted Image

Munty detects hostiles around, but they must be on the top floor, the blip behind him was norm creeping up but he was foiled in his scare attempt by the scanner.  Scott and igor head through the door covering both flanks, Scott spies a heavy plasma on the floor. (Aliens Turn - Floater appears in the NE barn`s first floor and chucks a nade at Yoko from the window landing it dead centre and catching Sarah in the blast too)

Turn 14
Posted Image

Yoko is rather pissed off and a bit singed but otherwise he is ok (Minor hp damage and a hole in his armour`s underside but no fatals), He primes his HE while sarah puts some holes in the barns first floor wall allowing him to chuck it in (sarah took the blast on the front armour but didnt do much except about 3hp in health loss, probably chipped her nails).  Igor rounds the corner towards the lift and comes face to face with an unarmed floater, 1 quick burst later and the problem is gone, he drops back allowing Scott to take point and munty goes to support him assaulting the top floor.  (Aliens Turn - HE destroys the top level of the barn and everything in it)

Turn 15

Igor gets back into the central room and unloads some Heavy Plasmas then sits down and contemplates a close call on this mission.  Scott and Munty cover the lift

Turn 16

Both troopers proceed up the lift , Munty spots a discarded weapon to the north so he heads up that way to investigate, while scott covers the eastern side.  (Aliens Turn - Unarmed floater floats past scott towards the lift)

Turn 17
Posted Image

Scott bursts it in the face then moves eastward, Munty discovers nothing in the north so heads back to link up with Scott. (aliens Turn - Leader goes berserk somewhere)

Turn 18

Munty forges ahead towards the control room while Scott has a nap in the corridor

Turn 19
Posted Image

Munty rounds the corner into a burst of plasma fire which scorches the walls around him but not one connects, he turns and spots a floater guarding the door to the control room and it takes him 2 bursts of his own to put the critter down, Scott hears the firefight and wakes up and moves to cover the door to the control room.

Turn 20
Posted Image

Scott enters the control room and puts the leader down and out with 2 shots to the back of its head from a single burst of his pistol. Munty comes in and they crack open a couple of beers they stashed in their suits and toast a succesful albeit very lucky mission.

Posted Image
Another no loss mission however it could have turned out bad had the RNG gods been unkind.

Quick update from sickbay :-
Yoko Tanikawa - 20 Days
Igor "The Man" Korkia - 24 Days
Sarah Taylor - 3 Days to get her nails redone
Norm Krumpet - 6 Days

Save for the next commander - Attached File   25.47K   103 downloads

#104546 UFO/EU Multiplayer AAR Discussion

Posted by Lysear on 22 May 2011 - 05:45 AM in Enemy Unknown

Ok got the save :)  done the geo part and will get to the tactical asap  (got a landed abducter to keep me busy  :P)

sold lots of stuff from nkf`s mission adn we have about 15m in the bank now lol

EDIT:  Mission done but need to go to sleep now  :)   will write up the story when i awaken   (A few people were wounded but no casualties this time ^^)

#104513 UFO/EU Multiplayer AAR Discussion

Posted by Lysear on 20 May 2011 - 02:26 PM in Enemy Unknown

nah i think we can wait  :P    i have friends visiting atm so no free time til sunday am  myself  :)     so there be no rush.

#104380 UFO/EU Multiplayer AAR Discussion

Posted by Lysear on 17 May 2011 - 05:37 AM in Enemy Unknown

All done on my end  :P

Built a workshop in Orchard (to create a supply of plasma pistol clips with the spare elerium that they can capture and also replace some armour without it having to be shipped in).

Lost another power suit, sometimes they just dont hold at all, but pats seemed to save him this mission and he is taking a short break in the infirmary  ^^

#104379 Running with Pineapples

Posted by Lysear on 17 May 2011 - 05:32 AM in Enemy Unknown

Ok its killing time again  :P

Waited for ranger to land at its homebase then i had a quick scan of the bases and personnel, Noticed the laser pistols sitting in Fort Cannon and had then shipped off to Orchard.  Elerium and Alloys from Fireworks sent over to Cannon and its team of greasemonkeys.

Decided to build a workshop at Orchard too

Few days ticked by and all of a sudden there was a flurry of activity in the siberian airspace.  UFO - 78 (Large Scout, Floaters) was picked up first, Intercepter from fireworks sent out to catch it.  No sooner had it departed the HWD picked up UFO -79 (Supply Ship, Floaters)  buzzing around the same area and also UFO - 80 (Supply Ship, Floaters).   Intercepters from Orchard and Cannon sent to intercept #80.

The large scout is downed by the fireworks intercepter in 2 volleys and is sent to put the last volley into #80 before heading back to base,  Cannon`s intercepter just manages to reach the ufo and put 3 volleys into it before needing to go back and refuel and Orchards intercepter also smacks it a few times but it still flies on,  it still buzzes around siberia/russia until the fireworks intercepter is rearmed and delivers the blow that finally knocks it out of the sky.

Ufo - 79 Disappeared over europe somewhere while i was concentrating on downing this ship.

I prep the Orchard ranger with some of the rookies and a few old hands  (power suit and personal armour mix) along with Pat to lead them out.    Also Fireworks living quarters is completed.

Ranger touches down near the downed Supply Ship

Tactical :-  (Supply Ship crash site)

Turns 1-2
Posted Image

We have landed in the NW of the map with forest to the East and South - Smoke is thrown out of the back of the ranger and the troops deploy once the smoke is thick enough.  (Alien Turn -  Shot comes from the SE and punches through the front of Vlads suit and makes a large exit on the way out of the back splattering some unfortunate rookie with the veterans entrails)

Turn 3

Pat heads in the direction of the shot and spots the shooter, 2 troopers confirm LOF to the target and open fire. Neil Stewart misses 3/3 (aimed and 2 snap) but Tatyana Zhdan puts it out of action with an aimed shot, Troops move into the trees in the east, and a small squad heads SW.  (Alien Turn - Floater spotted near a hill on the other side of the E forest)

Turn 4
Posted Image

Rookie Sarah primes a grenade but realises she is in the middle of a forest and the canopy is blocking the arc of the grenade so she hides behind a tree.  Igor is leading the SW squad and he pushes ahead spotting a floater hiding near the ufo wall.  Carl and Mariko fire 4 shots at it and Carls aimed shot is the only one that connects, but it falls without a scream  (Alien Turn - Floater gets straight back up and the eastern floater just floats around a little not realising there are people in the forest hiding behind tree trunks)

Turn 5
Posted Image

Mariko kills the floater that got back up and Scott joins the W team and is able to scan the ufo - locating a lot of hostile blips. Neil gets a sight of the floater in the east and hides back behind his tree trunk,  Sarah steps clear of the canopy and puts the primed nade right under it.  Pat decides to push on and a floater takes a shot at him but it just glances off his power suit.  Feeling slightly miffed that he got shot at he squeezes off a burst and kills it. (Alien Turn - Grenade vaporises the alien and also the corpse of the one pat killed)

Turn 6-7

Pat and his squad head down the eastern side of the ufo and encounter no more resistance before the cover the entrance,  Igot and his squad do the same on the western side and take up positions to cover that door too.

Turn 8
Posted Image
Posted Image

Scott scans the ufo again and only a few blips are shown,  Yataka Sato is sent in first through the western door and spots 2 floaters staring right back form across the destroyed interior.  Pat rushes in through the other door to provide a cross fire but has problems of his own in the form of 2 floaters on that side too.  Pat takes out the nearest floater to him with 2/3 from a burst of his plasma pistol and then retreats out.  Yataka realises he is in a spot of bother and opens fire at the floaters hoping to score a multi kill with a burst but he manages to kill 1 but is killed in return by its friend.

Turn 9
Posted Image

Pat re-enters and spots another 2 floaters in front of him, In a fine display of marksmanship he takes them bothe down with a burst each and retreats outside again, his support team look on in awe.  Igor steps through the other door and sights Yatakas killer, He fires 2 bursts at it and misses with all 6 but somehow manages to kill a floater that was hiding behind it :s, Igor however knows he can curve bullets so he isnt too shocked by this. Igor heads out and scott steps in to put down the floater with a burst of his own.

Turn 10
Posted Image

Both teams head inside and cover the lifts

Turn 11

Igor and Scott move up to level 2 and cover the doors, while Pat, Kenji and Sarah head up to the command level  (Alien Turn - Igor and Scott are ambushed but recieve no damage and a floater knocks itself out while trying to fire upon Igor)

Turn 12
Posted Image

Igor exits the lift room and has a floater looking at him at point blank range, he swiss cheeses it with a laser burst and steps on its corpse to cover any counter attack from the unexplored part of this level.  Top floor squad cover the doors.

Turn 13
Posted Image
Posted Image

Sarah spots an enemy on the top floor and the 2nd shot of her 3 round burst kills it, Pat enters through the door opposite the lift room and is blasted by plasma taking him to 12 health and 2 fatal wounds - he calmly turns and obliterates the offending eejit with plasma before exiting the room and calling for a medic. Kenji enters the room that pat just exited and covers the door.  Scott and Igor report "all clear" on the 2nd floor.

Turn 14
Posted Image

Floater panicked and ran towards Sarahs position,  She gets up close and personal with its purple head and executes it,  Pat runs over to her and show her the holes in his arm,  she is able to whip out her medkit and puts a plaster on one of the fatals.

Turn 15

Sarah finishes patching Pats wounds up and they both head towards the control room,  Kenji is flanking down the other corridor.

Turn 16-17
Posted Image

Moving to the control room and floater leader panicked

Turn 18
Posted Image

Pat enters the control room and locates the leader with its arms raised, it garbles some garbage in its alien language that sounds suspiciously like "Parley".  Pat just grins at it and drops ot with a burst then takes a seat in the command chair,  "Not on my watch" he says.

Posted Image

Save for the next Commander - Attached File   22.6K   99 downloads

#104343 UFO/EU Multiplayer AAR Discussion

Posted by Lysear on 15 May 2011 - 02:51 PM in Enemy Unknown

Nice mission Vet :P   shame about shigeru but he will get a decent burial.   i think it would be wise to get a couple of bases taken out soonish too.

Still no ethereals turned up yet so at least thats ok for now  :)

#104336 UFO/EU Multiplayer AAR Discussion

Posted by Lysear on 15 May 2011 - 04:33 AM in Enemy Unknown

*Prods Vet*   :P  stop killing zombies and focus those guns on some aliens   :)

#104278 Utils random uso setting

Posted by Lysear on 13 May 2011 - 05:45 AM in Modding

Just cant seem to get this setting to work on my tftd game.  Everything else seems to work fine (improved weapons and the like),  but i cant seem to get any random ufo layouts at all.

Just want to add a bit variety to my next tftd campaign :)    

if anyone has it working and could let me know how they did it would be helpful  :P


#104266 UFO/EU Multiplayer AAR Discussion

Posted by Lysear on 12 May 2011 - 01:32 PM in Enemy Unknown

Wouldnt the stun launcher be classed as a cannon type weapon?     maybe have 1/2 a squad with stun and 1/2 with cannon-HE  then use stun and kill tactics,   But as we have HWD we could always break out those guys for the weaker races (sectoids,floaters and snakes) and leave the others to take out the big guns.

Maybe transfer the veterens from fort cannon to other bases and leave a rookie squad to deal with the cannon missions?

Im assuming the rocket squad are still viable against the elite aliens (muties and eths)?

#104245 Xenonauts

Posted by Lysear on 11 May 2011 - 10:58 AM in Special Projects


Honestly starting to get frickin excited by this,  realy wanna pre-order to be part of the testing, but also want to wait til completion and be suprised by everything  lol.

Reading that blog has made my day.

#104234 UFO/EU Multiplayer AAR Discussion

Posted by Lysear on 10 May 2011 - 05:36 PM in Enemy Unknown

Oh he isnt my avatar, he is just a pure legend  :P    Pat o cake is my avatar  :)   just made colonel too  ^^

and yeah i reckon ill be up for a few hours later tonight  (no night shift)  from around 10 when the wife goes to bed  :)

#104232 UFO/EU Multiplayer AAR Discussion

Posted by Lysear on 10 May 2011 - 03:11 PM in Enemy Unknown

OMG  you nearly killed "maddog"      guess he has some time to recuperate  :P    

nice mission BB   seriously heavily damaged that ship, especially seen as mine was fully intact  lol

#104220 UFO/EU Multiplayer AAR Discussion

Posted by Lysear on 10 May 2011 - 06:06 AM in Enemy Unknown

All done for me,  nice and quick :P   i always seem to get floaters on my go lol,  guess they just love me  :),  almost out of plasma pistol clips at orchard and not enough laser pistols to cover the whole squad.  The 9mm ones dont pack enough of a punch and have no burst for those close quarter encounters.    Maybe get a few more and ship em over?

#104219 Running with Pineapples

Posted by Lysear on 10 May 2011 - 06:02 AM in Enemy Unknown

Short and sweet from me ^^

Geoscape :-

HWD completed in fort cannon, and i ship off 7 power suits to the orchard base,  and Pat is given a transfer from the firework base to the orchard one.   Teaming up with "Maddog" Igor.

Ufo - 65 is sighted to the north of orchard (HWD shows it is a Medium scout, crewed by the most vicious floaters that ever existed....  possibly..  and they are on an abduction mission).    Intercepter 5 is dispatched and 2 volleys of avalanchey goodness knock it out of the sky.

10 men from orchard and various nades pistols and the likes are loaded onto the ranger and are sent out on cleanup duty  (2 rookies are brought along)

Tactical :-

Turn 1
Posted Image

Rangers exit is near the northern edge of the map and we have a floater directly ahead with its back turned.  Rookie Vlad is ordered to shoot it, he obliges by planting a laser shot intoits back but it just turns and fires blindly into the skyranger,  quick check reveals no one was hurt but everyone is slightly pissed off.  Scott takes a knee and puts 2 9mm  rounds into its chest and takes it out.   Smoke is deployed at the base of the ramp.

Turn 2

Everyone starts deploying left and right in the smoke, rookie Gerard something-or-other is sent to the NW edge of the smoke cloud and is hit in the chest by heavy plasma,  melting his personal armour and killing him quite effectively..  poor guy.   Igor tries 2 bursts from near the ramp but all 6 laser shots miss.   (Aliens Turn -  Shot is fired from the south hitting Shigeru but his armour holds and he has no damage)

Turn 3
Posted Image

Shigeru sights the floater that shot him near the downed ufo, but retreats and Pat throws a grenade under it.  Helen moves to the edge of the cloud where gerard was killed and spots the murdering floater SW of its previous position,  Yoko and "Maddog" both hit it with aimed laser pistol shots and igor claims the kill  (Aliens Turn - Grenade kills and vaporises the floater near the ufo wall.   Another floater is spotted to the west of the ranger near a house)

Turn 4

Helen sights the western floater and decides to take it down but misses and is killed instantly by the heavy plasma reaction shot (front armour of the power suit must have been faulty :)  ),  Yoko avenges her instantly with an aimed laser pistol shot to its fugly face.   Scott and Pat head for the ufo

Turn 5
Posted Image
Posted Image

Igor is sent to the NW farmhouse and Shigeru is ordered to the S one, while Scott and Pat cover the entrance to the ufo.

Turn 6
Posted Image
Posted Image

Scott enters and spots 3 floaters and an intact power source  (intercepter pilots did a great job in downing this craft with minimal damage- and also minimal casualties on the aliens side though  :P).   Jean probes the one in front of him and reveals it only has a few TU's left,  Scott double taps it with 2 snaps and it drops to the floor revealing another floater right behind it also facing away, Scott retreats out of the ufo allowing Pat to charge in with his plasma pistol.  However he only takes out 1 floater with 2 bursts and has to retreat too.   Meanwhile up in the NW house "Maddog" heads on up to the 2nd floor and has a floater staring directly at him, one quick burst of his laser pistol and he is alone again.

Turn 7
Posted Image

Pat heads into the ufo first this tie and spots the 2 remaining floaters inside, with one directly in front of him, burst fire destroys the one in front of him and a lovely snap shot takes out the other.

Thus ending the mission :)  

Posted Image

2 Casualties put a bit of a downer on the mission, however one was just a rookie in crap armour but the loss of helen and her power suit is a bit hard to swallow.  

Save for the next commander -  Attached File   23.04K   101 downloads

#104206 UFO/EU Multiplayer AAR Discussion

Posted by Lysear on 09 May 2011 - 05:47 PM in Enemy Unknown

I shall grab and play my part tonight before work,  then post the write-up in the morning when i return   :P

p.s nice work vet  :)   enjoyed the story ^^

#104187 UFO/EU Multiplayer AAR Discussion

Posted by Lysear on 08 May 2011 - 08:09 PM in Enemy Unknown

Didnt think pistols would bring muties down so quickly  (thought we would be looking at 8-10 hits or so before they would drop),   nice mission NKF  :P

Will give it til tuesday for Vet to drop back in to the line-up  (if he wishes)  then ill take my turn,  been rather hectic working week so far, so havent had much time to do anything but tuesday is a day off weeeeeeee

#104053 UFO/EU Multiplayer AAR Discussion

Posted by Lysear on 01 May 2011 - 05:24 AM in Enemy Unknown

Well played mission BB :,  fireworks team is awesome to command ^^   and its amazing how many people are victims of friendly fire :)

at least your score made up for my terror mission :)

#104041 The Girl At Work

Posted by Lysear on 30 April 2011 - 03:37 PM in Off Topic

View PostSpace Voyager, on 30th April 2011, 4:35pm, said:

:) That is not exactly what I call comforting, he he he!

Hmmmm, what would my missus think of a replicant? Perhaps she would view it as non-human, as a doll, just like in BR? Uuuuuuseful.  :)  :(

hell yeah, cant be classed as cheating if its only a doll :)    

sign me up for one of those  :(