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#185026 ACM (UFO Aftershock)

Posted by Okim on 31 December 2020 - 11:01 AM in UFO: Aftershock

UFO ACM Mod 2020
Link: https://yadi.sk/d/8TYRyPXWsYbQzQ?w=1

New features:

1. Raiders!

Raiders are armed with melee weapons, pistols, smgs and shotguns mostly. Those wearing armor are using assault rifles. There are also so called 'leaders' who are using simple sniper rifles, mgs and launchers.

Unlike other factions Raiders do not progress over phases. They are a trouble early on due to player being underequipped and understaffed, but provide that much needed source of weaponry to prepare for Cultists arrival. Later on they are the best way to train your new recruits.

2. New powerful scopes!

- Rangemaster Scope improves accuracy and range by 25% and reduces recoil by 25% too. Makes your hard hitting shotguns and plasmas much more effective.
- Achiles Targetting Unit increases damage dealt by weapon it is installed on by 25%. Makes firearms with accelerator even more deadlier.
- both scopes are compatible with majority of weapons, including desert eagle, plasma pistol and almost all shotguns.

3. New ammo types!

- .45 explosive ammo (EXPLOSIVE damage).
- .44 explosive ammo (EXPLOSIVE damage).
- 9x19mm acid ammo (BURN damage).
- shotgun flechette pellets (HARD damage, per pellet damage, 12 pellets a shot).

Fixes and changes:

- plasma missiles were moved to energy factory
- warp missiles were moved to hyper energy factory
- all airguns were moved from medical factory to basic factory (darts are still being produced at med factory)
- poison darts and poison grenades were replaced by acid darts and acid grenades dealing burn damage
- added new models for combat scope (red version) and all the ammo boxes
- made mp5sd6 a one handed smg to allow ranger-commando soldiers to benefit from carrying two of these weapons
- added advanced scopes slot to desert eagle and plasma pistol
- brought back a few missions that were removed some very long time ago (protect civilians during mutant, raider and cultist attacks, capture mutant)
- mutant beasts and reticulans are grouped together and will always be present side by side
- cultists have accomodated reticulan remnants at their bases and figured out how to tame mutants, so expect them having two of these allies as well on some missions
- reticulan-only encounters were replaced by raiders

Known issues:

- Raiders appear with 'local human / cyborg / psionic' name tags. Not sure how to fix this yet, so just make sure you shoot the proper 'local human' on aid missions XD
- Attachments and some weapons have shifted images in inventory. Needs some camera adjustments which i have no idea how to do. Yet.
- Some texts in old saves might display wrong item names - these are hardcoded into savegames.
- Advanced Airgun in old saves is bugged and will display as .50cal ammo box in hand. Carefully remove it from your trooper and rebuild the new airgun.

#178053 ACM (UFO Aftershock)

Posted by Okim on 15 January 2020 - 07:33 AM in UFO: Aftershock

View PostSolarius Scorch, on 02 March 2019 - 11:38 AM, said:

Okim, I know this mod is 10 years old - in fact I played it since almost the beginning - but I have one request: could you perhaps release a version (or a submod) where you retain the vanilla ability of hiring experienced fighters, not just 1st level ones?
Even after all these years I am not sure which model is better; I understand the merit of 1st levels only, but also I feel it makes the mod a bit hardcore, since replacing a lost soldier is a huge pain; and sometimes you lose soldiers to random bad luck even if you play well. So I would like to compare the experience between the two versions.
If you're really not interested, I could try making this submod myself, I've modded games for years, but I've never modded Aftershock and I have no idea where to start... And for you it's probably trivial. So please kindly consider it. Posted Image

I hear you. I'm currently reviwing this project and will surely adress the recruits issue that the mod had.
Original decision was to make the game much more difficult and your soldiers much more valuable, but recorvering from losses is indeed a bit too harsh even with drone replacements.

I've created a discord channel where i'm going to keep the discussion running.
If you have smth to suggest/discuss or simply want to keep in touch - here is the linky: