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#85283 Screen Resolution and Modding Questions

Posted by JiggyBeatz on 16 October 2008 - 08:43 PM in UFO: Aftermath

Hi there...

UFO:AM is still one of my fave games ever (and my list contains only four or so :laugh: )

I would really like to mod this game and play it again. But what's really sucky is that its screen resolution is only 1024x768. Is there any chance to modify this? I have a 30" Display and i tried it bout a year ago. But it looked so terrible that i couldnt play it.

Maybe theres is a way to play it in window mode?

My modding question is if its possible to redesign the complete game from a to z? 
I read that you have to use milkshape. Can I create models in Maya or Max and import them via Milkshape to the game?

Does it make sense to redesign modify this game or should I coose an other "newer" title of this genre with good modding possiblities (tactic rpg...thefall other UFO title or whatever..hope u know what I mean)? If so, any suggestions?


Can I create higher res models (polycount?) or will the engine crash then?
What is the max texture res?

Thanks in advance!