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#104969 Playing any games?

Posted by lollersis on 13 June 2011 - 05:39 AM in General Game Discussion

Well, I could really recommend Dwarf Fortress. Itīs free and has a very interesting gameplay with very deep mechanics. But itīs learning curve is rather steep and has ASCII "graphics" making it rather hard to see whatīs what, but itīs still worth a look. Also checkout the forums for stuff like mods and utilites that really helps with managing and the game has its own wiki if you need help with stuff.

Iīm also experimenting with Morrowind. Testing mods and the like. Works pretty fair...

While not really playing it, more like watching its progress, itīs worth to checkout "Project Zomboid". Itīs a work-in-progress zombie rpg with promising gameplay. But itīs still only in alpha stage, so it has a long way to go yet.

#104790 New XCOM trailer

Posted by lollersis on 05 June 2011 - 10:32 AM in News

View PostThe Veteran, on 5th June 2011, 10:46am, said:

lolleris you seem to have somehow missed the underlying argument in every single one of my posts here. Every one of them is me explaining why people need to stop comparing this game to X-Com so it can be received fairly by gamers and reviewed as a standalone game rather than a botched attempt to capitalise on a far superior franchise.

Do me a favour and have a quick read back over my posts and you'll quickly see that I haven't once said 'this game will suck because of x, y and z.' Rather I've accused 2k of making the poor choice of licensing this game under the XCOM name when it really shouldn't be. Based on what I've seen so far, it probably won't be my cup of tea as it looks like a pretty mindless shooter. I imagine that's probably not the case though so we'll have to wait and see. No doubt I will play it one day and if I were to write about how I found it afterwards I would NOT be mentioning X-Com a single time because they just aren't similar games.

The whole point of my debate with you regarding a re-imagining is that anyone talking about this new game needs to completely forget about the X-Com franchise while they do so. There should be NO comparisons either direct or indirect. It shouldn't share the same name but then to be fair it doesn't thanks to their incorrect punctuation... I am NOT flaming this game, I am NOT a hater, I AM an old-school fan of the X-Com franchise and I HATE seeing it be compared to this new title. As far as I'm concerned they just got the name wrong, as for the game? Well maybe it'll be brilliant but rest assured it won't be X-Com...

Hehe...okey, sorry for that. I just easily get confused sometimes. But I will leave this debate or otherwise I will be stuck here for weeks to come :P Sorry for the babbling of mine...

#104788 New XCOM trailer

Posted by lollersis on 05 June 2011 - 09:19 AM in News

View PostThe Veteran, on 5th June 2011, 10:00am, said:


Right, you win. But my aim is that give it atleast a try. You know Fallout 3, I am a Fallout fan myself and when Fallout 3 was announced by Bethesda, I wasnīt really enraged. I found it interesting that it was in first-person perspective as it would give the game another experience of interaction. Of course, in the end, it wasnīt the Fallout I was hoping for. But I admit that it was not that bad and I had some fun times with it. This may not convince you to try it, but wait and give it a chance before sawing it. I mean, itīs like a year before it released, they might have more in store then we know.

#104785 New XCOM trailer

Posted by lollersis on 05 June 2011 - 08:30 AM in News

Ok, since my "logic" canīt convince you that this IS a re-imagining, then let someone else explain...

Click number 4 on contents. And READ IT carefully, please?

#104769 New XCOM trailer

Posted by lollersis on 04 June 2011 - 10:05 AM in News

View PostThe Veteran, on 3rd June 2011, 8:56pm, said:

This is NOT a re-imagining. It's a different game with a different organisation, a different genre, a different timeline, different enemies, different weapons, different everything! You can call Aftermath or Extraterrestrials 're-imaginings' but they're not.

Oh yes, this is indeed a re-imagining. Aftermath & Extraterrestrials is also re-imaginings of X-COM. A re-imagining doesnīt have to look or feel like the original game itīs based on. A re-imagining is simply a game loaning the concepts of the other game. Aftermath is a re-imagining because it has some more basic concepts from X-COM. The researching, the soldier managment, the strategy, the alien threath. All is there and was supposedly influenced by X-COM and can be counted as a "re-imagining". Extraterrestrials is more of a re-make as it is almost EXACTLY like X-COM.

The new X-COM has:

*An alien threath
*Reseaching of new equipment
*Soldier managment
*A secret organisation whos goal is to fight extraterrestrial threaths

It might be in the 50īs, it might be a FPS, it might not be the aliens we want, yes, but it IS influenced by the original X-COM.
It IS a re-imagining, not a sequal nor a remake. It wasnīt meant to be exactly like X-COM. I know it is pissy it has XCOM as itīs name, I also think it was a bad move of them to do, but it complaining that it isnīt X-COM is like complaining that a knife is not like an axe.

#104755 New XCOM trailer

Posted by lollersis on 03 June 2011 - 07:12 PM in News

While I understand that people is pissed at this game, please! Remember, itīs a re-imagining. Itīs not suppose to be canon with the original X-COM storyline. If it was suppose to be, then the developers must have not played the game. But they know what X-COM is and thats why they call it a RE-IMAGINING, and not THE X-COM.