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#81020 The 'Queen'

Posted by Lawrence Hung on 25 December 2007 - 04:37 PM in UFO: Aftermath

View PostStefan100, on 25th September 2005, 6:57pm, said:

I think those "incubators" looks like the "cockpits" you can see in the UFO missions. Don't you?

I reached the final moon mission and found the queen incubator, after defeating all the octopus.  But I couldn't end the game by destroying it either.  Why?  The white pointer keeps pointing to the incubator.  Help is very much appreciated.

#80307 picking up aliens and multi missions

Posted by Lawrence Hung on 28 October 2007 - 03:39 PM in UFO: Aftermath

I still have huge difficulties of picking up the injured transgenants as the soldiers always wanted to kill them if the cursor moves over them.  What's exactly the meaning of "one-squre" transgenants?  Can we name some of the spices which are "one-square" in size?  A "Cudgel", although as said to be small in enough in size for pick-up, I still can't pick the injured one.  I used "walk" to walk over the bodies, they wouldn't stop over the body.