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#172989 ACM (UFO Aftershock)

Posted by Solarius Scorch on 16 March 2019 - 07:44 PM in UFO: Aftershock

I'm not sure it can be designated so precisely. I don't really care myself, I'd be fine with vanilla rules. (Maybe without the gear.)

#172762 ACM (UFO Aftershock)

Posted by Solarius Scorch on 02 March 2019 - 11:38 AM in UFO: Aftershock

Okim, I know this mod is 10 years old - in fact I played it since almost the beginning - but I have one request: could you perhaps release a version (or a submod) where you retain the vanilla ability of hiring experienced fighters, not just 1st level ones?
Even after all these years I am not sure which model is better; I understand the merit of 1st levels only, but also I feel it makes the mod a bit hardcore, since replacing a lost soldier is a huge pain; and sometimes you lose soldiers to random bad luck even if you play well. So I would like to compare the experience between the two versions.
If you're really not interested, I could try making this submod myself, I've modded games for years, but I've never modded Aftershock and I have no idea where to start... And for you it's probably trivial. So please kindly consider it. :)