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#46751 Rebelstar Tactical Command

Posted by Ghost on 07 June 2005 - 03:13 AM in Special Projects

There's a trailer for it on now, check it out.

#38917 Reporting Back To Duty

Posted by Ghost on 22 January 2005 - 04:50 AM in XCAS

OmegaTwo, on Jan 21 2005, 09:18 PM, said:

Yeah, found a client... now, what is the server and channel? And the timezone? I'll need to make preparations to ensure I'll be in the channel in the right hour.


The server is Starchat ( and the channel is #xcas. The sims are usually at 8 pm CET (European mainland time), which is 7 pm GMT, 2 pm EST, 11 am PST, and so on.

And welcome back to the sim again Stax, good to see you again. As for you Xzarr, I think DH probably already spoke to you about the recruitment thingy, but I'll recap it quickly. The site is currently down, so the recruitment page and everything is as well. DH would be your main contact for XCAS related stuff, though you can ask me too if you need to know anything (MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, I've got it all and I believe all my contact info is in my profile).

#17402 XCAS Roleplay 3

Posted by Ghost on 17 July 2004 - 04:07 PM in XCAS

<<Joint roleplay, starring DragonHawk as LCpl. Ko and Ghost as Cpl. Stone and Lt. Ghost>>

SETTING - Ghost, Stone, and Ko are chatting over dinner on the 29th of December, the day they left the hospitality of the NAO. The mess hall of the Peregrine is noisy as always; Kevin and Raven are partying it up with the Ascidian teams, trying to best them in some sort of competition that remains incomprehensible to the three other human operatives.

LCpl. Ko> ::Ko chugged down the rest of his drink, washing down the food he had eaten in his usual fast-barbaric style.  He had a habit of inhaling food quickly...  A result of training.::  Another day, another meal.  We should have meals like this on ground ops.
<Cpl. Stone> ::still having at least half a plate in front of her, she continues to eat, Ko's eating habits no longer surprising her as much as it did the first time she saw him eat:: Well, I'm sure we could, if you want to be the kitchen princess, as well as bring along all the ingredients. *I* sure as hell aren't going to be cooking any fancy stuff down there for the lot of you.
<Lt. Ghost> ::also not having finished his plate yet, Ghost only has a little left on his, he shakes his head in amusement about Ko's quick eating once again. He may not be the best drinker, but nobody beats him in eating it seems:: Ko as a kitchen maid? Nah, I wouldnt want to see him prancing around in an apron, thank you very much. And I doubt we'll really need his services that very soon either, if things go well. It'll probably still take a little while until we go on another ground op.
<LCpl. Ko> ::Ko's eyes grew wide in mock offense as he looked from Stone to Ghost.::  How dare you suggest something so foul.  I do not 'prance'.  I happen to be quite agile; I 'float'.  ::Ko laughed and returned his face to its normal posture.::  At any rate, ground ops are tricky, especially since we don't want to get trapped on the ground on Omicron.  However, we could probably evade the Aliens on Omicron if we had to.  In space, a bit less so unless we had a head start.
<Lt. Ghost> ::Dmitri nods:: Yes, it is a lot harder to hide in space than on the surface of a planet, although maneuvrability is a lot higher in space, and probably to initiate conversation with the sectoids down there we'll need to utilize both space and ground. After all, we'll need the broadcasting ability of a space ship, but to actually get to talk to one of them we will probably have to go down there.
<Cpl. Stone> ::Kaitlin smirked still about the comment regarding Ko in an apron, a scary thought indeed. She noticed she actually looked forward to the next ground op. She may have been trained to be a pilot, but the captain of the Peregrine wouldnt let her fly his ship, so she felt a bit useless up here::
<LCpl. Ko> True that, true that.  Once a more formal contact starts, we will want to be face-to-face with the enemy.  Hopefully this commander, this Raalik Tizt, respects that.  What sort of person do you suppose he is?  He's not the same as other Sectoid's we've encountered, that's for sure.
<Lt. Ghost> Hmmm, well he is certainly different. For starters, besides Osiris he is the first Sectoid we have encountered to actually try to communicate rather than just shoot at us... well at the people from Alpha anyway. ::Dmitri shakes his head:: I dont know what he wants, but I do know that he is most certainly not like the other sectoids we encountered, which means we should exercise caution.
<Cpl. Stone> ::nodding in agreement, Stone listens and speaks up when Dmitri finishes:: Yes, that's true, we should. Let's not forget what the people from Alpha who were interrogated by him told us. He seemed to be quite fervently looking for us, and that must have had a reason somehow. Why would he want us? What would they gain by seeking out specific targets.
<LCpl. Ko> I don't know.  He knows about our actions on Yurilis though; not Patton/Cyriacus incident but the supply cache one, and it seems that the Aliens are uhh... a bit pissed off.  At least that shows we had some impact, no?  ::Ko grinned widely, then continued.::  As to our actual value, could it be so simple as removing us from the war?
<Cpl. Stone> Hmmm ::Kaitlin looks thoughtfully:: I dont know, but it seems like an awful lot of effort just to get rid of a single group. It is a completely different tactics than they have used before. I wonder why... maybe their supreme commander had a change of heart? Or maybe there is a new one? Hell we dont even know if they *have* a supreme commander and where he could possibly be.
<Lt. Ghost> ::at the last comment by Kaitlin, Dmitri frowns slightly:: That's true, though that's what we're trying to find out by contacting Raalik. Maybe he can tell us more about that, although he will probably not just tell that for nothing. We should also discuss what we are willing to give as a counter offer to them in exchange for the information.
<LCpl. Ko> Good point.  I have no idea.  What could we have of possible value to them?  Maybe they love us for our lack of xenophobic attitude?  ::Ko chuckled to himself as he thought about some sort of weird universal love amongst Aliens, but he subdued that.::  Maybe he wants a hit-team.  Lord knows the Aliens don't have troops as skilled as we are.
<Cpl. Stone> ::laughs and shoves aside her plate, now empty and flexes mockingly:: Yes of course they don't. I'm not letting those little bug-eyes beat me. But yeah, the mindset of their troops doesnt quite work like ours it seems, although now they have demonstrated that not all are just mindless combat drones, by revealing Raalik. We dont know what else they might have in store.
<Lt. Ghost> True as that might be ::grinning slightly at Kaitlin's mockery:: we haven't seen any evidence of it, and he may be our only lead, so we'll need to be careful. We should take care not to have him realize he is our only path to the information at current, or he might just drive up the price.
<LCpl. Ko> I suspect he knows it.  ::Ko leaned forward and put his elbows on the table.::  He's obviously got some training in human history as well, possibly psychology.  He'll be looking to use that to his advantage...  I wonder though, how much different from a sectoid drone it could be.  I mean, without the Cydonia brain, the Aliens in AW-1 were less than effective.  They needed that Brain.  This one doesn't though, and poses a lot of unknowns.
<Lt. Ghost> You think he knows hmm? ::Ghost nods thoughtfully, it might be, it'll take some getting used to that the sectoids really might be smarter and more perceptive if they want:: It is a risk indeed, we dont know what he wants, what he knows, and what he wants for it in return. Nor do we know whether we can trust him when we do manage to open up a channel of communications with him.
<Cpl. Stone> You've got a point, though psychology and all those things were never really a forté of mine. I doubt I'll be of that much help during the initial phases of the negotiations probably, so if you guys don't mind, I'll be off to the training hall to work off the pounds gained at the christmas party, and prepare for whatever might come. ::with that, she picks up her plate, and gets up, walking towards the exit and putting the plate at the designated place for that, before walking out of the mess hall::
<LCpl. Ko> ::Ko nodded at Stone as she left the table, and then to Ghost.::  Perhaps I should be off too.  Gralintus says we should be making sure our weapons are compatible with the atmosphere...  he's worried that some of the seals will get destroyed in the atmosphere.  You need me for anything else today?
<Lt. Ghost> ::nods at Stone as she leaves:: Have fun ::Then turning back to Ko:: No, not really. Not yet anyway, I'll need to go see the captain about our ETA and how we'll proceed once we get there.
<LCpl. Ko> Sounds like a plan.  I'll look at getting our ground gear ready, just in case.  ::Ko stood and picked up his tray.::  See you tomorrow, bright and early, for PT.  
<Lt. Ghost> ::gets up and picks up his own tray:: Yeah you will, have a good one, and see you tomorrow.