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#99430 Star Sentinel Tactics Reports for Duty

Posted by baby arm on 01 October 2010 - 04:35 AM in Strategy News

Long awaited turn-based tactical game Star Sentinel Tactics was let loose on Impulse today for $29.99.


Star Sentinel Tactics is a turn-based tactics game that puts you in command of a squad of elite United Alliance marines - aka the Star Sentinels - as they battle to stop a race of bloodthirsty reptilians launching a devastating attack on our Galaxy. Along the way you'll encounter giant mechs, rotting zombies, mutants and a host of other foes, all intent on your destruction.

Star Sentinel Tactics takes the classic turn-based tactical combat of classic 2D turn-based strategy games, and brings it back up to date with beautiful 3D graphics, realistic line-of-sight, an engaging story, and an array of new weapons and enemies. This is 100% pure tactical combat, with no base-building, no research trees, no resource management and no strategic planning and absolutely no random encounters.

I expect at least a few of you to try this out and report back.

screen27.jpg screen3.jpg screen9.jpg

#99429 Altar Games owned by Bohemia Interactive

Posted by baby arm on 01 October 2010 - 04:29 AM in Strategy News

Operation Flashpoint and ArmA developers Bohemia Interactive have gathered Altar Games to their sweaty, Eastern European bosom, along with two other studios.


Prague, Czech Republic, September 30th – Bohemia Interactive, an award winning independent development studio and creators of the genre defining military simulator games Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis and Arma 2, are proud to announce completion of full acquisition of development teams Altar Games (located in Brno, Czech republic), Black Element Software and Centauri Production  (both located in Prague). All four original development studios will continue operating both individually and cooperatively on various projects, as parts of Bohemia Interactive.

“Game development stands and falls with the skills, vision and enthusiasm of its developers” said Marek Spanel, Bohemia´s CEO and continues “this acquisition strengthens our studio by adding extremely experienced and talented developers from three different teams at Altar, Black Element and Centauri. It is true milestone in our company’s history.”

Bohemia Interactive is well known for its military simulator games such as Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis and the military simulator of 2009 Arma 2. The recently acquired development teams bring with them a wealth of talented and experienced professionals in strategy, action, RPG and adventure genres. Altar Games known for its strategy titles Original War and the UFO Trilogy (UFO: Aftermath, UFO: Aftershock and UFO: Afterlight); Black Element have a great sense for action as shown in games Shade: Wrath of Angels and Alpha Prime; Centauri Production are talented authors that focus on adventure titles such as Memento Mori as well as games for children or family games. This important step elevates Bohemia into one of the biggest independent development teams in the region.

#98247 Julian Gollop on XCOM and Turn-Based Gaming

Posted by baby arm on 14 August 2010 - 10:49 PM in News

In the comments section for an interview with 2K Marin about some odd-looking shooter at Gamasutra, Julian "X-COM" Gollop weighed in on turn-based gaming and what he's currently working on at Ubisoft Sofia.


Personally, I would have gone with a turn-based game system - but no one asked me. Actually, I was developing an X-Com style game called Dreamland back in 1999 - turn-based but 3D (actually very similar to Valkyria Chronicles in the way it worked). Sadly, it didn't see the light of day.


Publishers run a mile from anything with turn-based mechanics - it is regarded as too niche. RTS games pretty much killed off turn-based strategy games in the mid-90s - but now even RTS games are regarded as niche. So all my experience working turn-based games from 1983-1997 is now somewhat obsolete, despite the success of X-Com. However, I am now working on a turn-based tactical RPG which will be a 3DS launch title. Thanks to 'Advance Wars', 'Fire Emblem' and 'Final Fantasy Tactics' it seems turn-based games are not totally dead - at least for Nintendo handhelds. I would also argue that Pokemon has a lot of parallels with X-Com in its game system, despite being classified as an 'RPG'. The core of Pokemon is a turn-based tactical battle enriched by a sophisticated higher level meta-game that allows players to experiment with many game elements and combinations of forces - and Pokemon is the second most successful game franchise in the world. If done right, would an X-Com game with a turn-based combat system be successful? Absolutely!

Quick, someone give that man a wad of money and tell him to go make a PC game!