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#1550 Old and Respectful Newbie needs help

Posted by G-Man on 01 April 2003 - 08:29 AM in Support

Well, I actually did sort it all out and I am now happy to report I am once again playing this classic game!!!
It just needed two patches to sort out and that's using a radeon card, which I have read elsewhere doesn't work...well, it works fine on my laptop I tell ya. I forget the name of the patch right now, but it's "fix1" something I think. Anyway, if anyone is having the same problems let me know and I'll do what I can to help.
Thanks to the one person who replied above.

#1546 Old and Respectful Newbie needs help

Posted by G-Man on 26 March 2003 - 06:24 PM in Support

Hi there,
            I have been browsing for a few days and downloading patches etc. in the hope of being able to get XCom to run on my laptop without needing to bug anyone....sadly....I have FAILED! :D
I am running the gold edition and I have tried running it with the option for win95 capability and 256 colours and 640x480 resolution tabs ticked, but I still get a cramped screen that I can't use at all. I think the game runs underneath, at least, the music plays and the demo seems to run (I can't see it because it's all on top of each other) and if I wait or press the escape key I seem to be getting to the start screen. At least, the familiar noise when you move the mouse and pres the enter key is the same and it seems to be opening new screens/overlays. So it looks like the game might be working but I have some problem with the actual displaying of the graphics. I am running a mobility Radeon on an A-Open laptop from Rectron.
Amongst all the stuff I have read I somewhere came accross two things that might work, but I am unsure of how to proceed. please help, I have read that I should disable direct draw, but am not sure of how to do this. In the display settings when I go to advanced I get an Open GL window with plenty of tabs and settings, but I don't know what most of them do and don't want to mess too much with stuff I don't understand. The other thing is that I read there's no support for Radeon cards? :o

Please tell me this is not so!!
I am a relatively technophobic computer user, liking my systems simple and stable, but I long ago sold my soul to the devil himself and using Windows platform is just a minor part of the deal. I have however offered my services to help with the d20 version of XCom and if anyone here helps me getting the game to work I will also send you an electronic copy of my own RPG version of XCom, which i had designed by my lonesome some 5 years ago. It plays pretty well and has been tested, personal combat is complete, including PSI rules and the essentials of vehicular combat, but it does need a little more work. I can also use some playtesters, so though a newbie I am not a leech.   ;)

Please help. I love this game. :)