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#76725 WWII for internet users

Posted by Mikal on 12 May 2007 - 12:31 PM in The firing range - politics and religion

View Posturiaheep, on 12th May 2007, 11:55am, said:

'Rocket' propelled old chap - as stated - Barnes Wallis invented the jet engine though some very clever German techs built an excellent working copy soon after. It's also interesting that the German planes developed much quicker to start with.

Hate to burst your bubble but Frank Whittle was teh designer of the jet engine, not Barnes Wallace. he started his design work before WW2 but the RAF wouldn't fund the research.

#76721 Was Judas really a traitor?

Posted by Mikal on 12 May 2007 - 09:19 AM in The firing range - politics and religion

Here's an amusing little footnote. Simon Scarrow's latest book in the Eagle series has Judas being one of three conspirators who chose to have himself killed because he was losing the political plot.

#76720 WWII for internet users

Posted by Mikal on 12 May 2007 - 09:13 AM in The firing range - politics and religion

Ooooohh Yanlin, Yanlin. Still showing a lack of knowledge about your homeland/history. Tut tut. Please learn your own history.

Pro rata more Jehovah's Witnesses were killed by Hitler's lot than Jews. No JW denied their faith to escape the camps but jews were to be found fighting for the then German government. Ironically the German government actually would have preferred to colonise occupied territories with JWs because of their non-political ways. Even more ironic is more JWs came out of the KZs than went in, even allowing for all those killed. No JW collaborated in the camps to stay alive. I only know this because having visited so many camps I wanted to know more about the camps and the politics.

Stalin killed more soviets than Hitler killed jews in the same period. It's history. All the death is a terrible waste. I abhor any senseless death but especially that due to political ambition. Once you've done your conscription you might understand that point of view. For someone living in a country surrounded by those with very long memories of historical religious conflict you need to learn a little more give and take.

And as one of those non USA people here please stop being such a xenophobic bigot. Thank you.

btw this is the Firing Range - Politics and Religion forum read other topics here and get used to the way they meander in this area. Suck it up.

#76693 UFO: Extraterrestrials is Here!

Posted by Mikal on 11 May 2007 - 07:11 PM in News

Can't find any UK supplier for this yet. Suppose I'll just have to wait and see what creeps out of the woodwork.

#76692 WWII for internet users

Posted by Mikal on 11 May 2007 - 07:05 PM in The firing range - politics and religion

View Posturiaheep, on 11th May 2007, 5:25pm, said:

I have read about this Kernel but to be honest I'm not sure - I think it's likely that to make people think they were more advanced in the project than they really were, they begun this story.  From the evidence, I'm not convinced.

I saw a book in the shops today, fiction of course, by Alex Scarrow titled Ten Thousnad Suns or something similar about Germany secretly winning the war because of nuke development. If I get desperate I might buy it one rainy day.

#73437 A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection

Posted by Mikal on 27 January 2007 - 04:48 PM in Off Topic

View PostMatri, on 23rd January 2007, 11:05pm, said:

My new Dell here is a Core 2 Duo with 4GB of RAM and 1GB video card. I'm in love :)

my commiserations on buying a Dell. we ahve two here and they both need various upgrades which just are not possible due to the way Dell put things together with odd sized bits and pieces. New more powerful PSU? fat chance - without more power there's not much point ramping up graphics etc. I've gone back to building my own.

#73217 Starforce?

Posted by Mikal on 21 January 2007 - 03:18 PM in UFO: Afterlight

I have a dumb question after the mention of the incompatibility with Vista. At some point we're all going to be on Vista machines even if we don't eally want to be. So what happens to all our old games with the ever popular copy protection which sithe subject of this topic?

#70457 End of an Era - Startegic Plus Software

Posted by Mikal on 19 September 2006 - 11:57 AM in General Game Discussion


Does nobody else use non-mainstream games sources?

#70456 Anti-theft devices for bicycles are needed!

Posted by Mikal on 19 September 2006 - 11:56 AM in Off Topic

Sorry to hear the news.

A colleague of the other half put his bike in the secure room at their place of work. He went back at the end of the day to get it to go home and there it was, gone. And he 22 miles from home.

Do you use bikeregister.com? Their gold level of registration is good. It includes electronic tagging which is supposed to be easy to locate by the police.

Abus security locks come with an anti-theft guarantee so if your bike is stolen then you can recoup the loss through them.

Check out security stuff for bikes on wiggle.co.uk


#70337 End of an Era - Startegic Plus Software

Posted by Mikal on 16 September 2006 - 01:17 PM in General Game Discussion

Recently my supplier of games outside the core supplied by the usual culprits decided to close down. They ahve been on the go about 20 years and provided a great range of games which seldom saw publicity in the various magazines in newsagents or PC game shops. It ahd to happen, their focus was too specialised and narrow.

This leaves me with a dilemma. Is there another similar supplier within the UK?

#69993 Comments And Additions To The Free Games...

Posted by Mikal on 03 September 2006 - 09:13 AM in General Game Discussion

 Slaughter, on 3rd September 2006, 10:07am, said:

Savage is now free. It's a mix between RTS and FPS that might be well worth giving a try.

Sounds interesting, I'll give it a whirl.

#69968 A new era of paranoia

Posted by Mikal on 02 September 2006 - 10:27 AM in The firing range - politics and religion

Sorbicol - you haven't seen this anti-crime system in use in other cities. Where I am the majority of those pulled are white with a few asians at the train station. I'm also experienced in counter-terrorism from my army days with a severe hangover from those with irish accents but I only pay attention to those who have brigade tattoos and tattoos from the maze nowadays even though I'm not part of the system anymore. Biiter experience in Boz taught all of us that it didn't matter what sex or age the person was, if they were from a party group then until otherwise proven they were considered hostile. 20 years after time in Beirut and the same groups still control half the city. My experience is different to yours so therefore I will always be more sympathetic.

At least 30% of London population is no longer British according to red ken.

#69916 A new era of paranoia

Posted by Mikal on 01 September 2006 - 08:50 AM in The firing range - politics and religion

sorbicol - it has nothing to do with institutionalised racism and everything to do with statistical probability. it's known as profiling and is the still supported throughout the system of governance. the portable metal detector thing has proved surprisingly successful.

accounting troll - it goes to show how easily led the sheep are these days. I blame the media and the lack of common sense of their audience. no hostile is that dumb... well not usually.

#69869 UFO: Alien Invasion Release Candidate 4!

Posted by Mikal on 30 August 2006 - 09:24 AM in Strategy News

Great news. I've spent the last hour reading through stuff on there.

Hey Zombie you need to update your sig. Aftershock is available at £8.99 from Amazon these days :)

#69860 Death to the Games Industry

Posted by Mikal on 29 August 2006 - 01:21 PM in Strategy News

I think I must be a bit out of date. I prefer to ahve an original CD/DVD and manual supplied by the publisher or developer. It does surprise me so very few developers are able to sell their games after publication. I don't understand the loss of potential sales by doing this.

The core problem with the games outside the preferred envelope is at some point the developer will be put under pressure by the publisher to provide a so-called ready to go game which, in reality, still has some way to go before a sensible release. I think there is a serious chicken and egg problem which will ultimately ease out PC games from the general marketplace.

#69260 Building a PC after 8 years

Posted by Mikal on 13 August 2006 - 11:59 AM in Off Topic

 Matri, on 13th August 2006, 12:26pm, said:

 Mikal, on 13th August 2006, 5:57pm, said:

Peeps one thing I am leery about and that's the apparent fact most mothercards come with on board sound. Just how reliable is it when it comes to gaming?

I'd trust it to make noises. Beyond that I'm more comfortable ripping it out and installing a genuine Sound Blaster.

Yup. The last time I relied on onboard sound was back in the days of Red Storm Rising.

#69258 Building a PC after 8 years

Posted by Mikal on 13 August 2006 - 09:57 AM in Off Topic

Thanks for the answers so far peeps, keep 'em coming :drink:

Preatoris - I thought it was about time to consider AMD as well as Intel since I've only ever used Intel even though they've not been totally reliable in their policies and practices.

Bomb Bloke - sadly the case used byDell is a total pain in the rear and does not allow the cooling I wanted to put in it. Furthermore the small amount of upgrading I've done on it to date means the machine is woefully underpowered and how I manage to keep it running at times is beyond my ken. There isn't a more powerful Dell PSU available for this box hence my consideration of an Own Build.

Crazy Gringo - great info. I'm not sure about going down the SLI route for graphics because I don't think I use the machine eneough for games requiring that kind of grunt. This machine has a 6800GT in it since the start of the year and I've been quite impressed. For the new box I'm considering a 7900GT. I use Adobe apps and RAM is a must so I'm aiming at 2GB to start with. The HDD will be 200GB with room for a slave.

Current games in play are Far Cry, Fallout Tactics BoS, Civ4, Hearts fo Iron II, Empire Earth II, both Divine Divinities, and online Realms of Mayhem and Urban Dead. Core apps for me outside of gaming - Adobe Photoshop CS2, MS Publisher, Macromedia Studio (just installed), Extensis Studio suite.

This biggest annoyance about my current PC is how poor it is for upgrading althogh it is well up to spec for most bits I mess about with.

Peeps one thing I am leery about and that's the apparent fact most mothercards come with on board sound. Just how reliable is it when it comes to gaming?

#69235 Building a PC after 8 years

Posted by Mikal on 12 August 2006 - 09:46 AM in Off Topic

OK the topic says it all. After 8 years relying on off the shelf kit I've decided to start building my own again. My key problem is I'm very out of date and have never before considered AMD CPUs for example.

So can anyone tell me what I should be aiming for and in some detail?

The only reason I'm changing my current box is because it is a Dell with an early dual core CPU (P4 3.06GHz) and the fan noise is terrible - and yes I have attempted to deal with it but the architecture isn't generic enough to solve the problem. The machine is almost unusable during the summer heat without ear plugs. It's a very good box when the ambient temperature is below 22 centigrade.

edited to add the original Dell is a 8250

#69075 Weather in Games

Posted by Mikal on 07 August 2006 - 01:23 PM in General Game Discussion

Statistically the UK is something like the 3rd or 4th dryest country in the European Union and similarly the most densely populated. Hmm.

#69074 Sword of the Stars Goes Gold!

Posted by Mikal on 07 August 2006 - 01:20 PM in Strategy News

The game may well have gone gold but it doesn't necessarily mean it will make it to full publication. I've been bitten by SSE and their game The Fall which went gold back at the end of March but now seems to have fallen away into a forgotten crack in the toilet floor.

#67285 The Demise of Microsoft

Posted by Mikal on 17 June 2006 - 12:29 PM in Off Topic

Does this mean he's going to take up playing croquet?