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#53292 Repeatable special missions (Spoiler !)

Posted by Lawndart on 25 September 2005 - 07:41 AM in Silent Storm: Sentinels

STRYKER, on 3rd May 2005, 8:18pm, said:

Hello good people !

Bought this game last week and just discovered a new exploit. I now know how you can do the Bank robbery special mission over and over.  This exploit, I believe, applies  to all other special missions as well, although I only know of the bank job and the Shade mission for sure.

First of all I'll tell you how I found this out. I was playing the game during the weekend and I got up to take a break, went to the kitchen and made myself a cuppa. Inadvertently I had left the team cursor on the Germany map, on the same spot that you usually get the mission from: three spaces right of the exit point.

So when I got back about five minutes later, the mission was up there ! Even though I'd already played it once. So I played it again. Then I went back to base, sold the stocks and gold and stuff and went back to the same spot  again in Germany and left the cursor on  for about five minutes. And whaddaya know, the mission came up again !

I've made about half a million from it so far. Sometimes it's difficult to get though. You need lots of patience and sometimes you might have to log off, switch off your P.C and then restart. But it's definitely repeatable.

Also repeatable is the Shade special mission which I enjoy playing `cos I like putting my guys up on the roof and grenading the bad guys as they leave the building. You also get to collect loads of Shade guys if you want, although I usually kill him as soon as I enter his cell because the guy's firearm skills aren't too good and it takes too long to train him.

I don't know if this dodge will work for you, but it's worth a try. First you've gotta disable autosave though. Also I haven't downloaded any extra patches to my game. All I've  been playing is what came out of the box (Gold Edition).



I can't seem to get this to work... I just did the bank mission tonight and I left the camp icon on the map after the mission and the mission never came back up.

Is there any trick or does the camp icon need to be moved exactly on top of the mission for it to appear?

Just to be sure I reloaded an old save from before the mission, exited out of the mission and watched it for 20 min before I started camping but no luck:/

Did you find any other special missions besides the prisoner? I can't seem to find any walkthroughs for this game :/