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#157980 Examination Room

Posted by Jake Gaston on 17 December 2016 - 09:08 AM in Terror from the Deep

Well I had fun with the ending. Well, the ending video was lackluster, but this is Microprose 1995 afterall. What's important to me is, at last there was some new settings, since all the USOs, Terror Sites, Artefacts, Colonies, etc, get repetitive after a while (even though the videogame tries to alter the maps tiles the best it can most of the time).

The first stage was hard, lots of pulsers coming out of nowhere. The second and final stages are easy in retrospect, yes, but when you do them the first time, you don't know what's coming ahead, and I thought it was fun that crazy long winding path that you have know idea where it leads. I was anxious enough to remain captivated, so I got the same feeling as when doing the first couple Artefact and Colony sites, so it was fine to me. Maybe it's also a reward that the ending is easier after all the trouble and the frustrations.


#157880 Examination Room

Posted by Jake Gaston on 13 December 2016 - 10:17 PM in Terror from the Deep

I finally found two Heavy Cruisers, almost in a row, after I installed a Transmission Resolver on a remote base that I used just for Manufacturing (in South China Sea).

Also have found all those missing living creatures, mostly from Aquatoid Medics, despite that I was able to stun all creatures (as I understand from this forum, Hallucinoid and Xarquid disappear at the base, even though they register as captured when a mission is completed).

So I'm done, basically. Well, I'm at Artefact 9, not sure if I want to continue until Artefact 12, since I already missed a couple of those, and it doesn't seem from what I've read that there is anything special if you do all 12.

The reason I write all this is that I'm now going to attempt hack to get to research Examination Room. I'll keep a save without Examination Room so maybe I'll do T'Leth twice (since we're not officially supposed to find Examination Room, but it really sucks that it's there and missing in the Ufopedia). If I succeed I'll tell how I did it, but truth is I don't understand anything from the TFTD Hacking guide. It says the offset is 00BE for Examination Room (in the Base.Dat file), but.. Where?

(I paused while writing.)

................................. Actually took 10 minutes to look into this and... I'm now researching Examination Room! YES!! It's so easy. You go down the vertical row on the left to 000000B0, and then adjust the number under 0E (from the horizontal row at the top), which should be at 00. Whatever number you put, you will have that amount of Examination Room in your storage, and the ability to Research "Examination Room" (and get the data in your Ufopedia). This functions for the first base. If you want to get Examination Room at other bases, they say how to find the offset on the TFTD Hacking Guide (it's on Gamefaqs), but as they say, it's easier to use the first base and transfer items from there (who needs an impossible amount of Examination Rooms anyway? The point is just to Research it).

Hope that can help some others,


#157783 Examination Room

Posted by Jake Gaston on 08 December 2016 - 07:34 PM in Terror from the Deep

Ah well, I have found this thread on another forum that posted pictures on what values to edit in an hex editor to get the Examination Room, but alas the files seem no longer available. If anyone has ideas, I'm curious.


EDIT:  I presume it wouldn't be that complicated to create an unofficial patch that would make the Examination Room available in the original Terror From The Deep. But I could be wrong.

I've collected many live Tentaculats. It's rather easy in the Colony mission, you just have to send someone sneaking all around when you see one from afar, but they have to be in those little rooms with triangular enclosements. If there are in a place where they can go to the floor above, it's very hard, you stand back and wait that they show up again (or use a Thermal Bomb, and risk sending yourself to sleep). I've seen many Triscenes, mostly in the Terror Port missions and on the Cargo Ships, but I've only seen 2 Xarquids, both on the Cargo Ships. I need a live copy of both.

I have a hard time meeting a Heavy Cruiser (the sub). I wonder if it's because they only appear as Cruiser on the map and I don't pay attention (or I sent a sub to down them but don't bother visit because I've done too much of the smaller Cruiser and at this point, I'm doing T'leth at any moment, just looking out for the final Research items (a couple live aliens and Examination Room, if possible) and I'm done. Looking at the Heavy Cruiser picture I get a faint memory, like maybe I've done one, but I'm not even sure. I'm surprised that a type of sub would be so rare. Hunters don't appear often either but I've done at least 3 or 4. All the other subs abound aplenty.


#157760 Examination Room

Posted by Jake Gaston on 08 December 2016 - 01:36 AM in Terror from the Deep


Does anyone know for sure if there is any way to get to research Examination Room in TFTD?
I thought I had read somewhere that you could get this item by researching a live Aquatoid Medic, but the Ufopedia website mentions it is only available through hacking, and the main FAQ (Kuo-Sheng) doesn't even mention this item. On the online Ufopedia at CSignal.Org, the item's full descript is available. Is there a patch that fix this issue of non-availability?

http://ufopedia.csig...ation Room.html


#157682 Stunning triscene?

Posted by Jake Gaston on 03 December 2016 - 11:53 PM in Terror from the Deep

Shouldn't a Thermal Shock Bomb work? I'm in a similar situation, trying to get a live Triscene, and it was easy to shot them down with the Thermal Shock Launcher (may take more than one shot), except the first time I did it, later an Aquatoid bombed everything and they died (in a Terror Port), and the other time was on the first portion of a Cargo Ship, and I think you can't keep aliens from a first portion terror site, either that or maybe I didn't have enough Alien Containment space (hopefully I fixed this the right way).

#157634 Dead End: What Cheat Can Work?

Posted by Jake Gaston on 02 December 2016 - 06:05 AM in Terror from the Deep

Thanks for this precious information, magic9musroom!

I've had a new Artefact site numbered 7, and I'm sure I did only 4 or 5 of those, so maybe that's clue that I bypassed some of them and it caused me trouble. I had read the FAQ (the main one on GameFaq) thoroughly so I knew about not letting those pass, but I wasn't aware that it's better to destroy every alien, I mean mostly for the Colonies I might have given up because once the main device is destroyed, it's hard sometimes to find the last couple hiding aliens.

I'm doing fine now. Well, one base is doing fine. I may be loosing point in some parts because governments aren't satisfied with my unskilled newbies there.


(Not) Jake Gaston

#157569 Dead End: What Cheat Can Work?

Posted by Jake Gaston on 29 November 2016 - 05:01 AM in Terror from the Deep

Ok well,

I messed again, I did 2 colonies out of the 3 I saw on the map but... "Duh!" I didn't pay attention that the save I restarted from wasn't "old enough" and so I was just too short on time to reach the 3rd colony (I could only see 3 colonies on my map).

And I was still too short with score to pass, or maybe there is something else the program didn't like, so I end up using the cheat suggested above: editing the ALIEN.DAT file. Except I didn't use a special editor. I was disappointed that none seemed to let you edit the governments stats (how much they like you, etc...), so instead I was trying to edit the DIPLOM.DAT file with an Hex editor, trying all sorts of figures because I don't fully understand the structure of that file (despire the explications on the website linked in my first post). That gave me all sort of silly results but never worked out. With the ALIEN.DAT file, I was exasperated and just type "00" to all entries (basically just pressing 0 nonstop on the keyboard). Well guess what? That worked wonder! Great score, great governments appreciations, and yet the governments that went with the aliens (that are marked 0 on the graphs) didn't change either.

So I figure it's an acceptable cheat given how desparate I was. I know I played this badly. As Sp1ke mentioned, I wasn't thinking of saving the earth, I was playing like an obsessive geek, just trying to build a megabase (I have 3 bases but one has everything), getting all items, etc... I'll try again later without cheat, but I've been playing since a while and needed to get over this badly. Especially since it's so tedious to play: my survival strategy is really to advance a couple steps at a time in many situations (one wall to the next) and it takes a whole lot of time.

I have yet to get some Research info: a live Calcinite, a live Hallucinoid, a live Triscene, a live and a dead Xarquid.
I am also missing Examination Room (at the moment, researching Bombardment Field and building the Leviathan).

I think I have done 4 or 5 Artefact sites, and I'm not sure if it's important to do them all 12 or if it makes a difference.

Thanks for all the suggestions, and really if anyone is in a really bad situation, make copies of your files and try just type 0 everywhere in the ALIEN.DAT file, that should uplift your situation, or at least it did for me.

(Obviously Not) Jake Gaston

#157541 Dead End: What Cheat Can Work?

Posted by Jake Gaston on 26 November 2016 - 11:22 PM in Terror from the Deep


I thought I was doing well while playing X-Com: Terror From The Deep (though I wasn't paying attention to charts), and I was pretty close to complete the last couple research items (a couple subs)
and the final mission info, when I got to the point of a dead end: a -2575 score for May 2041 and a funding of around -400 000 to around -700 000 (it changes each time I restart from that last save), and always the ending sequence.

I know what I did wrong, apart from always counting on my own money from selling items: I skipped many alien subs to get fast in research. I thought doing just one colony would save me from failing but nope, the governments are really angry and just stop everything.

Because I don't feel like restarting anew, and am not too fond either of restarting but with the research file replaced so I keep all those items, I was wondering.... Is there any Hex file editing method that works to instantly make the government happy and a great score etc, so I can go on
and finish this videogame from right where I am?

I looked at the Diplom.Dat file, there is good info about it on UFOpedia but I don't understand everything and what I should change to make it work.


I have tried the utility that gives you lots of money, but that doesn't work. I'm not really missing money if I sell lots of items. I still get the ominous end video regardless that I've got 4 millions and more in my account (after selling items).

I tried starting back a couple saves older, but then I have to do many alien subs, and after doing about 3 or 4, I skipped to see if there was a change in the month score and, err, it's -3906 score.
Unless... If I do 2 or 3 colonies, would that work? The other score above was just 1 colony. colonies are long and tedious to complete, I want to be sure I "win the month" if I do them, or I'd rather just cheat at this point because, well, it's a lonnnnng way to the end, I don't feel like restarting just now, and my strategy was never to reach the end fast but to try get everything and find all types of alien subs, build one base with every compartment, etc, and I know now that's how I fucked up.

Any help would be deeply appreciated. Would replacing the Diplom.Dat file from the same file of someone about to win improve things? (Or is there someone with a zip of the files from just near when they are about to win?)

Thank you so much for reading!

(Not) Jake Gaston