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#140437 What is your favorite Hero type?

Posted by Sommarkatze on 21 February 2015 - 12:31 PM in Silent Storm

Grenadiers, nothing beats taking out whole groups at once ;)

#134698 H&S kind of destroys my computer? XD

Posted by Sommarkatze on 13 July 2014 - 11:30 AM in Hammer & Sickle

Iam sorry to trouble you with my problem once more but I did as you said. Installed the updater, and restarted the computer. Now when Iam trying to start the game the starforce application comes up saying the installation was a succses and I need to reboot the computer Before I can start. Now I have tried to restart it both normally and via the application but the same thing happens. The application comes up and ask me to reboot the computer XD

Big big thanks so far!



#134691 H&S kind of destroys my computer? XD

Posted by Sommarkatze on 13 July 2014 - 12:00 AM in Hammer & Sickle

Woaw, thanks for the answer! Iam trying with the Starforce! Theres just one embarrasing problem.. I have litteraly no idea what Iam looking for on that site XD A download o somekind, which one? How do I know which version I need/have? XD
Worth noticing is that Iam TERRIBLE at computers.

Thanks! :>

#134687 H&S kind of destroys my computer? XD

Posted by Sommarkatze on 12 July 2014 - 10:13 PM in Hammer & Sickle

Hello, Iam happy to have found this forum because for many years I thought I was the only one loving the Silent Storm series!
They are great and I play them through from time to time. Thats why I was so happy that I found Hammer and Sickle yesterday in a garage sale because its really hard to find ! Box and manual and all! However here comes the problem.

After installing the game, and trying to start it.
A window comes up telling me that I have to install something Before playing. Sure no problem. However after that short installation it requires the computer to be restarted to work. Fine I thought. Here is where things get nasty.

The whole computer wouldnt start. It came to the windows recovery page saying the comuter wont start and the computer was searching for the problem. 20 mins later when the computer had searching and finding and removing the problem. It finally started like it should. But hammer and sickle was removed from the computer. The only explantion must have been that H&S made the computer angry :S

I tried this on a older computer but with the same result. Could somebody help I really want to play this game :)