Willhelm mod - characters rebalanced (UFO: AL)


I never liked the fact that I couldn't use Willhelm in combat since he was the leader. This is mod is actually just the failed fallout of trying to get the real Willhelm (original graphics) into a combat suit. The mod includes changes in character skills and attributes as well as additional voice sets. All character are now longer created equal and your squad will have a slightly different makeup then before, so review your troop's abilities before you start.

This was based off of ralfsolo's no UTE mod.

You will have to start a new game for changes to work properly. Previously saved games won't work properly with this mod. Remember to remove Ute from your squad now that she is no longer a soldier.

- Willhelm is now a soldier/tech and has the Minor Leadership skill (I got tired of trying to make his face animations work in combat, so I ended up just switching his entire art set with Hikaru, who actually fits Willhelm profile pretty well and looks good in combat with the face scar anyhow.)
- Willhelm has a new voice set.
- Tadeusz has a new voice set.
- Claude has Tadeusz's old voice set, so now the two twins don't have identical phrases
- Most all characters have lower levels to start with, only the most experienced personnel (Harald, Fernando, and Jacqueline) remain at level 4.
- Ute is now a scientist and has Minor Reticulan Technology instead of Minor Reticulan Anatomy
- Samantha now has a level of tech and starts with Minor Ambidextrous
- Oliver now starts with Minor SoundHealth
- Hikaru (now with Willhelms old face) is now a scientist/tech
- Gene now starts with Minor Planetology after all she was in charge of the dig site) and is a little nerfed so she doesn't make the most optimal choice for a medic.
- Mark now starts with Minor Athletics
- Pauline now starts with Minor Suit Repair
- Vera is now a Scientist/Tech (nothing against her or her voice set, but I wanted to remove one more soldier and she drew the short straw)
- Neil is now just a Tech
- Overall you gain one soldier/tech, one scientist and one tech, at the expense of a soldier/scientist and two soldiers so you will have more technicians but less soldiers which will require you to rethink your strategy a bit.
- Characters are no longer all created equal. Pay attention to starting skills and attributes, some characters have an edge on others.

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