Unofficial English Patch 1.15 (H&S)


Unofficial patch 1.15 [5M]

Unzip the archive in the game's directory keeping the archive structure


This patch is non-official and has not been tested by Nival Interactive or by CDV.
Download and install on your own risk
To correct bugs related to specific locations you need to start the game from the moment prior to the fist visit to this location.

List of Corrections:

1. Gaffburg location, the battle with the second wave of attackers with the preliminary draft of allies. If the enemy attacked in a fistfight, sometimes the allies became hostile to the main hero. Fixed.
2. The plot branch with ambushes, ambush in Gaffburg, the player looses the radio. If after the combat but prior to exit to the global map Siegfried died there were no further plot progress. Fixed. Now with the next exit to the global map there is a video with the group execution and a 'Game Over'.
3. Final combat on the Highway location. One of the groups of enemies could be placed the way when one of the units was inside the wall. As a result he lost an ability to move and was hard to find and therefore to finish the combat. Fixed.
4. In the Smith's house it was possible to open both a safe with documents and a mine-studded bureau. This got the player confused because the documents from the safe and from the bureau had different date of the terror acts stated in them. Fixed. Now opening one container leads to automatic deletion the documents from the second container.
5. If the player had visited the Prison location prior to his meeting with Gunter, Gunter didn't react to the request to forge the ID. Fixed.
6. When fulfilling the quest with Fidel after the ambush activation on the Forest location, the game could get 'hung' while trying to hire Fidel, as he tries to talk to dead Forester. Fixed.
7. Some incorrect parameters of the weaponry fixing tools are fixed.
8. Some texts spelling is fixed (thanks to David Marchand).
9. Some other cosmetic changes have been implemented.

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File Details

Filesize 5,348 kB
Author Novik
Version 1.15
Downloads 6,950


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