UFO: Extraterrestrials patch v7.05 EU


- There is an increase of the selling price for most equipment the player can manufacture or capture.
- Autosaving is now possible before each mission and the start of every month.
- UFO: Extraterrestrials can now be played in more resolutions (1024x768 and higher)
- Windowed mode is now supported.
- Tactical mode is animated smoother and is greatly enhanced by a variety of useful new hotkeys and available settings (like movement speed for units or scrolling speed).
- Extensive hotkey support for both real time and tactical modes.

• English European version (bought online or in box from Gamers Gate, Paradox Interactive)

Warning! default installation directory is invalid, there is also required to copy/rename file UFO_ET.exe to ProjectX.exe after patch installation.

File Details

Filesize 2,359 kB
Author Chaos Concept
Version v7.05
Downloads 991


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Game Card

UFO: Extraterrestrials Box
Developer: Chaos Concept
Publisher: Tri Synergy


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