UFO 1.2


This Patch is a must of any European version of UFO. It must be installed before the 1.4 patch. US copies of UFO (X-COM: UFO Defense) came with this patch installed.

List of Fixes:

  • Please start a new game to eliminate all possibilities that the new version of the game fixes the bugs which you have seen so far.
  • The SETUP program does not require that you set the IRQ settings for the sound card, only the Memory address and the DMA channel. The normal Soundblaster defaults for this is, Address A220 and DMA 1. If you find the game crashes before you have a chance to play then this is likely the reason.
  • This update contains a new version of the DOS Extender, DOS4GW to fix some compatibility problems seen with the earlier release. DOS4GW is not a MicroProse program and we were not aware of these compatibility problems until after UFO was published. If you had a problem running UFO, this update will fix that.
  • Corrupt tiles that caused multiple images to appear have been fixed.
  • Action points (TU) have been limited to 80 to prevent the "wrap-around" problem seen with the original release.
  • Mission variety has been improved to allow access to all types of missions when playing.
  • Alien intelligence has been improved to allow a tougher game.
  • UFO encyclopedia has been expanded to include missing entries.
  • The corrupt game file, UBASE_07.MAP which caused problems when entering the Alien Bases has been replaced.
  • There is no PC Speaker support within UFO.
  • The Environment Space error has been fixed.

File Details

Filesize 1,222 kB
Author Microprose
Version 1.2
Downloads 6,328


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