TFTD 2.0


First patch for Terror From the Deep. Fixes the infamous Groundhog Day Bug.
Changed the research tree drastically. It removed the Lobsterman Navigator requirement for researching Magnetic Navigation by making in available for research as soon as you recover one. This also had the effect of removing the bug that allowed for the research of Magnetic Ion Armor without first doing Ion Armor

List of Fixes:

* Equipment left in the X-COM craft on linked missions is now returned to base if you succeed in the second half of the linked mission.
* Alien molecular control defense stats have been modified.
* Proximity grenades now retain their prime from a reload on a tactical game.
* The 'funding' bug has been fixed so that there are no discrepancies in the X-COM accounts at the end of each month.
* There were rare problems with panicked soldiers dropping weapons in 'mid-water' - this has now been fixed.
* All craft automatically reload when you buy new ammunition.
* You now do not require a Deep One corpse in your inventory to research aqua-plastics. However you still need to have researched a Deep One corpse.
* One branch of the research tree has been modified. Whereas before you needed ion accelerators, magnetic navigation and a lobsterman navigator to be allowed to research magnetic ion armor you now need to research ion armor, magnetic navigation and ion accelerators.
* The Leviathon troop deployment bug has been fixed.
* A rare bug occurred which could kill live aliens on return to base. This has now been fixed.
* The 'Groundhog day' bug is now fixed.
* The crash bug associated with clicking both mouse buttons has now been fixed.

File Details

Filesize 1,765 kB
Author Microprose
Version 2.0
Downloads 4,442


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