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Applies various game tweaks and fixes which Seb76 has posted around the UFO Wiki, including a special "debug" mode for the tactical game (allowing you to see all alien movement).

Is constantly being updated!

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6 Aug 2013 - 7:37am
Version 1.31:
New fixes
  • Fixed the crash when researching a medic
  • Players will be taken to the base editor screen before the equip phase to manage what items are available for the soldiers in base defence missions.
  • Appropriate walls now block fire and smoke for both propagation and explosion effects.   This also fixes the problem with a blaster bomb's explosion extending past the north and west walls of a UFO as well.
  • Terror mission scoring focuses on civilians:  Each civilian is worth [1008 / (num of civilians spawned)].
  • The penalty for alien bases increases the longer the base is active.
  • Fixed the problem of throwing items indoors and under overhangs with high strength characters.
  • Changes to UFO attacking bases and Base Defense missions:
    • The type of ship making a base attack depends on game time.
    • UFOs counterattack base defenses.
    • Fusion Defense requires Blaster Bombs to be available in base stores.  Missile Defense will spend money. Laser and Plasma Defenses unchanged.
    • Ability to bypass base defenses by right-clicking on the mouse.

Changes to old mods or fixes

  • Some tweaks to the Tactical AI mod to make aliens use grenades more. Some alien's behavior in Terror missions adjusted slightly.
  • Aliens will now stop attacking the area of a target if it is killed by the previous attack.
  • New limits in the Heavy Laser mod for the special attacks: each attack form imparts a different "recharge time" before either of them can be used again.
  • New addition to "Know Thy Enemy":
    • =1 affects how damage is applied to an alien's health.
    • =2 Damage potential for craft weapons depend on knowledge of UFO weaknessess: until an alien engineer can provide data on a particular UFO, the damage range for weapons is (0-100%). After an alien engineer provides X-com with data, the damage range for that UFO goes to 25~125%

New Additions

  • Human Limits: Scientiests and engineers only work in twelve hours shifts. The project menu will assign two people per mouse click but only one space will be needed between them.
  • Alternate Research Tree:
    • =1
      • Laser cannon requires research into E-115 and UFO power to produce and E-115 is a production material.
      • Plasma weapons and Blaster Bombs require "help" from various alien engineers to obtain the knowledge to produce.
      • Hyperwave may require multiple species navigators to be interrogated in order to be finally unlocked. (depending on game difficulty)
      • Only a Etheral can give the required technology to unlock Psionics.
      • Sectoids provide other options.
    • =2 Alternate progression for laser weapons
      • The first breakthrough allows the production of Heavy Lasers but damage is minimal.
      • Each new level researched allows a new item to be made and increases the damage for the prevous stage(s) items.
      • Special fire modes for the Heavy Laser, if that mod is enabled, are available when the laser pistol research is complete.
Version 1.31.4:
  • Fixes a crash when a unit takes damage from fire when the Zombies Will Hatch mod is enabled.
  • Fixes a crash when setting a manufacturing job with the Alternate Research Tree mod enabled.
  • With the EU2012 Item Rules mod, the chance for a weapon to remain after the alien is killed has been reduced.
  • Fixes a crash on Base Defense missions and problem with unit spawning when the aliens attack any base other than the initial one.
  • Fixes incorrect production requirments for the laser cannon, tank/laser, and motion scanner.
  • Lowered the delay for the slower time rates on the Geoscape Clock mod. People reported too much mouse lag with the initial settings.  These changes do make the clock run faster at those settings.
  • In the Alterernate Research Tree mod: added a senergy effect from several technologies in relation to Sectoids that will allow the soldiers' Psi Strength to be known without the need for a Psi Lab.
  • Set the proper sound for the Mind Probe when it is used.
  • Fixed an issue with the Alien Base Exploit fix: The daily score now increases the longer the base is operational.


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