PNGGauntlet is a .NET program that uses Ken Silverman's PNGOUT to optimize PNG files. Many PNG files output by popular graphics software packages like Photoshop or even Fireworks are not as small as they could be - PNGGauntlet squeezes the last bit of size out of them. Furthermore, no information is lost during this process - the only thing that changes is the file size. Just select the files you want to optimize (or drag them onto the window), select where you want them to go, and click the button. PNGauntlet can also be used to convert JPG, GIF, TGA, PCX, and BMP files to PNG.

Needs the .NET Framework to run: get it from Microsoft here.

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Filesize 526 kB
Author Benjamin Hollis
Version 2.0.2
Downloads 136

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