Invasion2021: Last Line of Defense v0.3.3 (current)


Features added in 0.3.3:
- ufo and craft presents on tactic screen
- two new terrain forest and desert
- new settings screen
- new information bar

Features added in 0.3.2
- new unit's face
- new event calculations
- three kind of events (UFO, crashed UFO, static event)
- show craft's and UFO's motion on global screen
- new intercept screen
- add drag-and-drop technology for some screen (hire-fire and craft's crew)
- new hangar screen
- new craft's crew screen
- two kind of crafts (interceptor and transport)
- multibase support

More features, information and feedback in this thread.


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Filesize 4,617 kB
Author StarikLesovik & Team
Version 0.3.3
Downloads 973


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