Interceptor TinyMod


What Changes:

The Heavy Laser has been 'altered' into an energy sucking behemoth of a weapon - The High Energy Plasma Thrower.
It requires research into Advanced Lasers and Plasma Weapons, is *much* bulkier and expensive than the original.
The high energy consumption per shot requires a more refined approach to fighting than even the Phase Cannon, and although quite it is quite possible to mount 4 cannons on type 2 & 3 interceptors the batteries I think would not apprecicate the 'work out' :laugh:

High Energy Plasma Thrower Cannon
Size: 20csu
Cost: 575000/unit (400000/base turret)
Energy Use: 50
Output: 125
Range: 2
Production Time: 1750

Minor Tweaks:

All the engines have been made slower.
ie: thier thrust ratings have been lowered by roughly 20-ish%

Some science 'flavour' text has been changed to suit the HEPT above.

Some names and callsigns have been altered to not make me cringe (so much...)
Star system and corporation names have also been altered - can you spot some 'new' familiar systems?

And probably the best weapon noise in all of creation has been included, a cookie goes to the first person to remember where it comes from...


Make copies of your gamesettings.ini, and everything in the /text folder.
Then just drop the zipped files into the matching folders tagged in the zip.

In the unlikely event of anyone actually trying this out..... Be gentle!

Read more and provide feedback in this topic.


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