Combo-Mod Final


This is version 3.03beta of the Combo-Mod. It is likely the last version of this fantastic mod. Thanks to Aralez, BlackAlmaz and all the others for making it! Changes since version 3.02 are:

    • Added an "incendiary" rocket turret.
    • Doubled damage and aimtime of all sniperweapons.
    • Made the Alien Psi-Blaster stronger.
    • Gave Warp-Medikit more range.
    • Gave Psi-Crusher a different damage-type and more damage, now it really IS a crusher.
    • Smokegrenade animation corrected.
    • Rebalanced some armour stats slightly.
    • Rebalanced some weapon stats slightly.
  • Corrected LurkergunII and helmet problem.


File Details

Filesize 27,656 kB
Author Aralez and BlackAlmaz
Version 3.03beta
Downloads 36,700


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