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Below is the full description of the mod, which is included in the readme with the file. This mod basically makes it harder for everyone to hide, increases certain skills for certain classes, and makes the early enemies a little bit harder.

This is basically to balance the skill use in the game out a little more... Reading through it, I think I am going to install it with my guys tonight and use it like crazy. The hiding ability of my Scout is just ridiculous at level 12: most enemies cant see him in broad daylight, right in front of them, within 10 feet. That just is not realistic, and it makes it really easy to kill them with shuriken.

Silent Storm Mod Name: Class Value Changes
By: Ishan

This mod does the following changes to the class system:

(values in parentheses are Silent Storm v1.2 original values)

1. Reduces the Hide skill coefficients:

Scouts: 50 (100)
Snipers: 38 (75)
Grenadiers: 25 (25)
Soldier: 25 (50)
Medic: 25 (50)
Engineer: 25 (50)
Enemy: 25 (50)
WeakEnemy: 25 (20)
SoldierUK: 25 (50)
ScoutUK: 50 (100)

2. Increases the Burst skill coefficient of Snipers: 25 (10)
3. Increases the Snipe skill coefficient of Scouts: 25 (10)
4. Increases the Engineering skill coefficient of Scouts and Snipers: 25 (10)
5. Increases average skill coefficients of WeakEnemy: 25 (20)
6. Increases the VPs and APs of enemies similar to weakest class type values:

Enemy: VPs 60 (40), APs 15 (14)
WeakEnemy: APs 15 (6)

7. Increases Str, Dex, Int values of enemies: 1 (0)

Changed table: RPGClasses

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Filesize 2 kB
Author Ishan
Downloads 3,097


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