ClarkWehyr Enterprises X-COM Editor Suite


This robust editor is capable of editing money, stores, soldiers, alien containment, craft, facilities and even diplomacy in both EU and TFTD. Not only that, but it has the rare ability to generate reports on many subjects to keep tabs on all your bases.

A pure DOS editor such as this is best run through DOSBox. (You can run it through a VMS command prompt, but do not move your mouse pointer within the shell or else the program will crash). It is recommended to install the program in a very simple directory as close to the root as possible to avoid long file names. After installation, edit the configuration file to point the editor to the main UFO and/or TFTD directory where the saved game folders normally reside. Warning: the installer will ask to modify your autoexec.bat boot file. Say "yes". (And while I hate programs that hijack my files and settings, it is a necessary evil in this case. At least it makes a backup).


File Details

Filesize 366 kB
Author Robert B. Clark
Version 1.52
Downloads 3,302


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