ACM Total Conversion (UFO: AS)


Little info on the current version:

1. new weapons and items.
2. new descriptions and models (except some mines, original missile launchers and barret rifle).
3. new sound effects.
4. new techs. All research regarding various weapons/items handling was removed.
5. tech prerequisites for firearms, drones and some other techs were modified a bit.
6. adjusted almost all weapons. Launchers, grenades and mines deal a lot of damage. Melee weapons all deal increased damage. Throwing grenades require less time to prime, aim and throw.
7. re-equiped all factions with new weapons.
8. removed scout drone and all drone scanning equipment and autodestructor. Drones are now heavy weapons support systems.

You can read more about the modification and provide feedback here.


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Source Okim's Website
Author Okim
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