21st Century Weapon mod (UFO: Afterlight)


The current version adds the following items to the game:

ancient Colt, ancient Pistol and ancient Rifle become producable once
you researched basic firearms. Same rule applys to Type95 and M950.

Type95 Assaultrifle (positions and muzzleflash corrected)
M950 Automatic Pistol (positions and muzzleflash corrected)

New Content:
IWS2000 Anti Materiel Rifle Model added, including icons, description and a ownn
ammotype called fleschete, which has incredible range and armorpiercing abilitys.
Will be aviable as soon as sniperrifle.

Jackhammer Shotgun Model added, including icons, description and a new closecombat
expirience thanks to the automode which actually doubles the firepower
of the conventional shotgun :D
Will be aviable as soon as shotgun.

Read more and provide feedback in this topic.


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Filesize 1,379 kB
Author TYR
Version 1.0
Downloads 28,873


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25 Oct 2012 - 9:55pm
I wish I want merge it to reticulan mod

The are uge conflict in

At least by new damageType of ProjectileFleschette I think

There is a detailed list of mod contents ?



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