My 2nd Ever Fan Fic

by Danial
This is a re-write of one of the scenes from my screenplay... I hope you like:

Julie sat on her bed with her boyfriend Michael. Through the wall came the muffled sounds of her little brother's computer game. He had claimed the family's old computer as his own and had recently found a game that the old computer could still handle. It had something to do with aliens and UFOs, but Julie wasn't the type to really take much notice.
"Turn that down, you brat" yelled Julie as she banged on the wall between their rooms. Instantly, the volume on the game became louder. Julie groaned in annoyance. She stood from the bed, taking Michael's hand. "Come on, I need some fresh air." Michael knew what that was code for and got to his feet as Julie rummaged through her underwear draw.

"Michael and I are going for a walk, Mum" called Julie back into the house as they stepped out the front door.
"Make sure you're back in time for dinner," returned her mother from the kitchen.
"We will be."
With that, Julie closed the door and took Michael's hand, heading out into the bushland surrounding her home.
Dusk had set in and a chorus of crickets and cicadas rang through the trees. Julie had never much cared for the bush, but when her mother decided to move into her inheritance, she had had no choice in the matter.
The moon was on the rise, casting a bright, colourless light across the land, yet Michael switched on the torch he was holding, flitting it back and forth upon the dry, grassy ground.
"I'm assuming we're heading for the creek," noted Michael.
"Of course," replied Julie with a smirk.

A UFO passed over the treetops at high speed. So close that the highest branches were snapped off as it brushed past them. Tailing the UFO was an Interceptor, matching its speed.

Julie's brother sat at his computer, still playing his game. The monitor flickered then went off, followed by the house lights, as a barely audible hum passed overhead. A moment later, all power returned, the computer resetting itself. Julie's brother looks around wearily.

The hum passes over Julie and Michael who were still wandering through the bush. "Did you hear that?" asked Julie.
"Hear what?" replied Michael.
Both paused to listen, noticing that they were surrounded by absolute silence.
Moments later the crickets and cicadas returned to their usual symphony. Julie and Michael looked at each other and shrugged it off. "Let's keep going," advised Michael.

They both stepped up to the stream's edge and unlinked their hands. The stream was very shallow, barely even six inches deep, and was only about four metres across at its widest. In the middle of the stream was a large rock that Julie walked out to, stepping across several other smaller rocks to get there. Sitting upon its top, she looked back to Michael. "Are you coming?"
"I'll be back in a second," said Michael. "I've just gotta take a leak." He hurried back into the bush.
Julie shook her head. "Boys."
Julie took a cigarette from her pocket and lit it, blowing smoke up at the moon. She then sat there, looking down the moonlit stream. She took another drag on her cigarette, but before she could exhale, noticed some bushes rustling heavily several metres down, on the other side of the stream. Eventually remembering to breath out, Julie leant forward and squinted, trying to see what was going on. "What is that?" asked Julie to herself quietly.
As if answering her question, a large, bipedal, fur-covered creature stepped out from the bush into the stream and began lapping at the water. It was a Reaper. Julie watched out of curiosity. In the soft moonlight it was difficult to make out.
Raising its head, the Reaper sniffed the air and turned in Julie's direction. She looked at the cigarette in her hand, realising that the smoke was blowing down-stream towards the beast. She then looked back up at the creature. "Oh shit."
Julie threw her cigarette aside and jumped off the rock, running back into the bush from where they had arrived. The Reaper began running up the stream after her, splashing its way through the shallow water.
"Michael?! Michael, run" cried Julie into the darkness.

Hearing Julie distantly, Michael zipped up his fly and looked around. "Julie? Where are you?" yelled Michael as he walked off.

Julie was being chased by the Reaper, which was faster than she, and was gaining fast. She looked back and saw it. Dread filled her being. She didn't even know where she was running. Her body just sent foot after foot.
Composing her thoughts, she knew she couldn't out-run the creature, and so in a flash of survival instinct, scaled the next tree she came to. Julie put her arms around her legs and bundled herself up in the fork.
The Reaper reached the tree's base, jumping at her vainly. It then paced the ground. Out of breath and scared, Julie buried her head into her knees and began to cry. The Reaper stopped pacing and turned, running off. Julie remained in the fork, crying into her knees.
"Julie?" came Michael's voice from the darkness. Julie looked up.
He passed under the tree Julie was bundled in. "Michael, get up here, quick," instructed Julie, trying to keep her voice as low as possible.
He looked up at her. "What's going on, Jules?"
"Get up here quickly," stressed Julie. "There's something down there."
There was a rustling off to the side. Michael turned to the noise as the Reaper leaped at him from the night, knocking him to the ground. The beast began viciously tearing him apart.
"No" cried Julie helplessly. She turned away from the sight, covered her ears from the awful sound, and began crying once more.
A dull humming sound grew louder off to the side. The Reaper looked up, stepping back. A Floater appeared from the darkness carrying a heavy plasma rifle. The Reaper returned to its meal.
The Floater looked up at Julie, still bundled in the tree. She didn't notice his arrival. It hovered up the side of the tree to her level. Hearing the hum, now right beside her, she turned to it, finding herself face to face with the nightmarish creature. Julie screamed in terror and backed her way further up the tree.
From the darkness of the bush, a laser beam burned just above the Reaper, causing it to lift its head. As it did, a second laser cuts right through the beast from mouth to rump. It flopped to the ground with a thud. The Floater turned at the noise. A third laser hit its anti-grav unit, heating the metal to a glowing red. It exploded and the alien dropped heavily to the ground, losing its rifle in the process. Still alive, the Floater crawled toward its dropped weapon. Before it reached it, Bates walked up and put his foot down upon it. The alien looked up at him as he levelled his laser rifle at its face.
It cried out.
"We already found yer friends earlier so it's no use callin' 'em," said Bates. The Floater gave him a death glare and snarled. "Oh, you can understand me, can ya? Well understand this, you piece a shit." Bates cringed as he pulled the trigger.
Rock sniffed the air, "Mmmm, smell that sweet, sweet ozone."
Bates turned to face him and they high-fived. Downer, meanwhile, climbed up the tree to Julie. "It's okay now, they're all gone," Downer said. "You can come down."
"Did you see that Reaper go down, man?" boasted Bates. "Got both brains in one shot. Prob'ly got both hearts too."
"Yeah, Dude, on your second shot," laughed Rock.
Downer reached out her hand to Julie.
"Shut up, man," squirmed Bates. "I had to get 'im to look up, didn' I?"
"Whatever, Dude," conceded Rock.
"Come on, we'll take you home," said Downer softly.
Julie took her hand...