Admirals Log

I was trying to get my self into a gaming mood so I wrote aswell as played.

This is TFTD on Superhuman. I dont know if I will continue or not.. it's kind of slow going.


Admiral's Log: Blade FireLigt, Admiral X-Com Deep Sea Operations

January 01 2040

It's hard to believe that just a few weeks ago I was the Chief Operations Officer of SORESO. Now the plaque on my office door says Admiral.  When the UN reactivated X-Com and took over Alpha-01 (SORESO's only operating Sub Sea Base) I was sure they would place their own man in charge. But it seems my 20 years of military experience in the US Navy, prior to my 'retiring' to a desk job at SORESO, led them to the decision to 'promote' me.

Alpha-01, located in the North Atlantic, was supposed to be the first of 3 bases. However cost overruns and construction delays led to the cancellation of the other two.  Now I wish that had not been the case, trying to cover the whole limit of the world oceans from one location is not going to be possible.

The base is a modification to the deep sea mining base used by many corporations of the world. Built of Modular pods and 'floating' above the ocean floor 500 feet below the surface.  The basic Pod design allows for us to fit some standard living quarters and storage modules that are available the world over.. or have basic pods retro fitted with the designs drawn up by our engineers.

Yesterday the last of the non military personal left and the last of our military weaponry arrived. Mainly standard equipment that all military and cooperate security use on Deep Sea Facility these days.  I'm sure I will have much more to order be for the day is through.. but the UN Council informed me we are officially operational, even if we are short on essential supplies.

Sense I arrive in my office I have spent most of the morning going over our Personnel records. Only 3 of my original Dive team is still with us. Those with out any undersea combat training we had to let go. and the 5 new 'recruits' arrived last night.

As my first official duty, I have ordered the addition of additional general stores, and a wide array sonar. (our chief engineer has told me the current sonar system does not penetrate the lower thermal layers) and placed requisitions for High explosive rounds for all our current heavy weapons. along with additional explosives, and some Chemical-Flares. Also I have requested 6 additional Aquanaut's to fill out the Triton. I want to add a Colecanth but our lack of storage space has made it I have to wait until we finish the new general stores pod.

13:00 hours.

Lora Solomen, our Science Department head approached me with a request to start research on what she calls Gauss technology. It would seem one of the new "egg heads" was working on some form of Plasma technology at DARPA before being recruited to work for X-Com and thinks we can reproduce the concept using a particle accelerator. I gave the OK as I feel we will probably find our weapons to be inadequate in the coming battle. She also requested that I increase the Science staff from ten to thirty. I told her not only do we not have the space for that many people we also are not on an unlimited budget. I did however request 10 new science personnel as a compromise.

Jan 02 00:01 hours.

We have spotted our first USO. It's just sound of the Azores and heading north-east toward Europe. I have dispatched Barracuda-1 to intercept and ordered Triton-1 to ready five status (able to launch within 5 min of being ordered).

00:35 hours.

The USO was downed about 300 miles of the Spanish coast. The Barracuda pilot reported that the Alien sub did not return fire. If the aliens had not sunk the Hyperion or killed our Sub Pilot Jake, I would feel bad about firing first. But their intentions have been quite clearly hostile.

I have decided to not send the Triton to check out the crash site until first light as we do not have any Chemical Flair's the sub is shallow enough for sunlight to reach. I will not take any unnecessary risks this early in the war.


Triton-1 has just left to start a recovery of the USO crash site.


Triton-1 has reported to have landed near the crash site. I cant help them from here, so I have left the situation room. I'm going to try to relax and let my people do their job.

8:40 Triton-1 reports the mission was a success. No casualties, and the only alien found was taken alive.

10:00  Triton-1 returns to Alpha-01  all units have been sent to debriefing, the artifacts and 'prisoner' has sent to the science lab. The alien dies of unknown causes at 10:13. Laura Solomen recommends that we study the corps and try to discover a way to refit a standard sea life bios stasis module to allow for keeping prisoners alive for interrogation by her staff. I will refer that to the engineering department as soon as the autopsy has been completed.

10:35 I received the mission debriefing.. content follows


Terrain: Coral seabed approximately 50 meters below sealevel.

First Squad

Seamen Rodreigo Aguila (Point Man) [acting leader]
Seamen Deborah Hernandes (Munitions specialist)
Seamen Rodreigo Carlos (Heavy Weapons Specialist) [Aqua-Jet Torp]
Seamen Bernard Marcelle (Rifleman)

Second Squad

Seamen Maria Aguila (Point Man) [acting leader]
Seamen Deborah Carlos (Munitions Specialist)
Seamen Colette Revenu (Heavy Weapons Specialist) [Hydro-Jet Cannon]
Seamen Samuel Hand (Rifleman)

Team 1 secured landing zone. No sign of hostile units.

Team 2 starts sweep of area on all clear by team 1

Team 1 splits in to two groups. R. Aguila and R. Carlos head sound to a small rise to setup a heavy fire support location.  the other two stay back to protect the ship.

Maria Aguila spots a hostile unit (a short greenish humanoid) 40 yards east of the landing zone near a caped off oil drilling head. She ducts behind a small pile of silt. The hostile opens fire, two shots hitting the seabed near Maria's position.

Maria signals for her team to open fire.  Samual hand takes a aimed shot and narrowly misses, destroying the coral formation behind the hostile. Colette loses her footing and her mini torpedo goes wide, flying just over Marias left shoulder.  Debora cant see the hostile and tries to advance.

Maria radios Team 2 for support.  R. Carlos launches a torpedo from atop the seabed hill.  The small torpedo hits the ground 3 yards short of the hostile. and the resulting explosion raises so much silt that sight of the hostile is lost.

Team 2 cautiously approach the last know location of the hostile. The find it wounded and unconscious with what looks to be a pistol and clip and a strange grenade. They also find the remains of a small sub, but it's has been so badly destroyed that nothing is deemed salvageable.

End Debriefing.


Rodrego Carlos is promoted to Ensign for his take down of the alien and his improvement in skills.


Well it' looks like our first mission was a success.  although it would seem our firing accuracy needs some improvement, everyone kept a cool head and everyone came back in one peace.  Having been on many combat dives myself while in the navy I still am amazed at how well a team can work so well together when none of them can speak, due to the 'Oxegen' liquid breathing system. The advances in neural interfaces allow the dive suit computer to 'read' your thoughts and translate it into words, then reconstruct a persons voice using phonetic recordings has made squad communications at three thousand feet below sea level just as efficient as on dry land.

The only regret I have with this combat is that we could not salvage the alien craft. I have a feeling understanding their technology will be the only way to win this war.

Our first shipment of equipment has arrived. I have looked over the manefest, but have decited to wait for on asigning eqipment untill the new personell arrive. at last report their ETA was 48 hours.


I spent some time down in the mess talking to the men (and women but the old school military term is still used for both genders).  They are excited about the success of their first mission. Rodreigo Carlos and his sister Deborah (two of the aquanaut from the old SORESO days.) have been telling the others about the finer points of long durations dives. And the others sharing past experiences before coming to X-Com.

On my way back to my office I heard deborah calling me. I stopped and waited for her to catch up. She informed me that the other Aquanauts thought that our base needed a better name than Alpha-01. They had discussed who would talk to me, and she had drawn the short straw.  I said that I would think it over.


I just had a call from the powers that be. It seems there was a USO was spotted by an Asian Coalition Navy research sub. Located in the Indian Ocean. The USO easily outran the research sub.

They seemed a little upset that they fund the X-Com 'project' and we are not tracking activity in their waters.  Although I don't see how we could possibly be expected to have sonar coverage in that area when we do not have a base in range and none of the funding organizations are willing to share their Sonar information with us. (after what I had learned in school about the history of the first alien war, I would have thought the world would have learned from it's mistakes in that regard)

I have dispatched a Barracuda to that Indian Ocean as a sign of good will. Even tho I expect the craft will not have a fuel capacity to stay their long.


As expected the Barracuda was only able to patrol for about 25 minuets before having to return back for a lack of fuel. No alien activity was detected. I hope the gesture was at least adequate.

Jan 03 08:00

I've decited that the men should have a chance to give Alpha-01 a real name. So I'm going to have them pick three posible names and the Aquanought that has the most varified kills by Febuarry first will get to chose. (albeit I will have final athority over the choice. as I dont want her being call somthing the UN will not alow.) I will inform the men at the noon meal. Knowing them they will be taking bets on who will be the lucky one to choose.  I hope it helps keep up moral. I dont expect every day to be as exciting as yesterday.

Jan 04 00:05

The Transport sub with the new recruits docked a few minuets ago. I had them shown to their berths. and I will go over their assignments at a more decent hour.


The new recruits are:

Uta Faerber
Christel Krouse
Stuart Parton
Boris Gakanovitch
Lyudimila Mannski
Grigoriy Bulakov

Most of them are former Navy with Uta being a former marine

I'm not sure what standards high command uses when picking the new recruits. But it sometimes boggle the mind at how varied ther skills are, and now little dive experience some of them have. Uta has only been a hobby diver. She spend her leave time hunting fish in the Mediterranean, so she is quite skilled with a harpoon gun. And she was a body builder in collage. but she have not undersea combat training.

The rest of the recruits are about average skill, and have all had 10,000 yours of undersea combat dive time. It will be interesting to see if raw skill will be better than experience.

I have setup 3 teams for Triton-1. Two teams of 5 and one team of 4.
Team 1 and 2 will be the assault teams while team 3 will be the assigned to cover the landing zone. (I hope to replace them with a Coelacanth as the first person out the door is in the most danger. and I can assign team 3 to Base security.)

Team one consists of

Ensign: Rodreigo Carlos (CO - Gas Cannon)
Seamen: Boris Gakanovitch (Point man - Jet Harpoon)
Seamen: Rodreigo Aguila (Riflemen - Jet Harpoon)
Seamen: Uta Faerber (Heavy Weapons - Torpedo Launcher)
Seamen: Deborah Hernandez (Munitions Specialist - Jet Harpoon, Extra Aquajet reloads)

Team Two:

Seamen: Deborah Carlos (Acting CO - Gas Cannon)
Seamen: Christel Krause (Point man - Jet Harpoon)
Seamen: Stuart Parton (Riflemen - Jet Harpoon)
Seamen: Colette Revenu (Heavy Weapons - Hydro-Jet Cannon)
Seamen: Lyudmila Mannski (Munitions Specialist - Jet Harpoon, Extra Hydro-Jet reloads, Magna-Pack)

Team three:

Seamen: Maria Aguila (Acting CO - Rifleman - Jet Harpoon)
Seamen: Bernard Marcelle (Riflemen - Jet Harpoon)
Seamen: Samuel Hand (Riflemen - Jet Harpoon)
Seamen: Grigoriy Bulakov (Riflemen - Jet Harpoon)

Once I have established a Security force at the base I will cycle them out with the active units to make sure every one gets some combat experience.

Jan 08 14:00

On a hunch, a few hours ago I launched the Triton to the Indian Ocean. Given it's fuel capacity I felt I may have a better chance of patrolling the area.  well It played off. The Triton sonar has picked up a USO touched down in the middle of the Indian Ocean. I have order them to land nearby and approach the USO.

This will be a night mission, but I cant list the Alien Sub from escaping with no combat craft that can engage it.

May the gods favor the foolish.


14:48  Triton has reported they have touched down near the USO.



Triton reports successful recovery. 5 men down

I have them collect what they can and await a transport sub to dismantle the USO


Triton-1 return to base and the mean have been debriefed. We lost 5 good Aquanauts today. It's always hard to send people out to die. But it's harder for the men to see their friends go.  I have scheduled a marmoreal service tomorrow. But had the remains sent back to their family.  


Mission Debriefing:

Terrain: Coral

In a rush to illuminate the area. five units exited the craft and through Chem fairs in every direction. No Aliens were spotted.

Then Bernard Marcelle started a sweep of the landing area. as he rounded the nose of the Triton he spotted a green humanoid about ten meeters to the west. Standing next to a chem flare. He crouched near the Triton to gets some cover, and radioed the hostile position.  Boris Gakanovitch (one of the 5 flare tosser) primed his grenade and launched it over the Triton. Bernard saw it land at the feet of the green alien.

of the first five out. the ones from teams one and two reenter the ship and the rest of teem three exited. Maria Aguila following Bernard and the other two heading north over the port wing.

The grenade exploded the aline disappeared in a cloud of silt.

Samuel Hand spotted another green alien just aft of the ship walking up a small hill by some rocks. He crouched and shot the aline.. but it just turned and shot back.. Samual's suit was ruptured and he slumped down onto of the port wing.

Grigory Bualkov who was behind Samuel dropped to one knee and shot. The harpoon went wide and flew off into the darkness.

Boris Gakanovitch exited the Triton and also fired at the alien. but his shot bounced of the Triton hull.

Three more Aquanauts exited the Triton and fired at the alien.. only one connected. and it still did not go down.

Deborah Hernandez primed a grenade and let launched it at the still standing alien. it landed next it it's feet. the resulting explosion still did not drop it.

the Aline fired two shots, Both of them went wide. then ran around behind the Triton. Everyone then reported hearing a scream on their external mic's

Grigory Bualov then walked to the aft of the Triton and found the alien lying lifeless, a cloud of green blood dissipating into the surrounding water.

Team 3 finished their sweep of the LZ. Team two started to exit the Triton and move around the craft to the north west.

A small object was spotted landing to the north east. It landed about ten meeters from Grigoriy Bulakov's positions at the aft of the craft. A second latter their was a massive explosion. The resulting silt cloud was over 10 meeters in diameter.

Deborah Carlos decided to change plans and have her team instead sweep to the east.  

Her team spotted another aline, and it took two harpoon hits before going down.

Stuart Parton signaled he has spotted an aline. he fired but the alien returned fire and hit Stuart square in the chest. His limp body drifting to the ground.

all units from every team that had a line of site on the aliens last known location fired. The aline took two harpoons and one Phosphorus Hydro Jet round. but did not go down.

The Green aline shot again.. this time taking out Christel Krause.

Grigory Bulakove primed a grenade and landed it in the last known location of the aline... the resulting explosion was followed by a high pitch scream.

Rodreigo Carlose. Decides to regroup, He has the men form a line starting at the aft of the Triton and stretching for 30 meeters both port and starboard. then all the Aquanauts advance slowly in a long line. trying to make sure as much firepower is possible is brought against the Alien forces.

They took out one more hostile outside of the USO. Entering the USO cost us one man and them two.  The USO was shaped like an upside down hart with a point on top.  The entrance was a double door that leads in to a small room with a door on either side.

Christel Krause, Grigoriy Bulakov, Boris Gakanovitch, and Deborah Hernandes were assigned to enter the ship.  They grouped around the starboard side door, where they had seen the last aline walk through.  Grigoriy opened the door, and Christel spotted two more aliens inside near some machinery. She took a the shot, but missed. hitting the machine behind them.. It exploded and both aliens died in the blast.  They continued to explore the vessel but found not more aline alive.

Mission stats:

8 Aliens confirmed Killed
6 Corpses Recovered
2 Live Aliens (Died because of lack of suitable quarters at base)
33 Artifacts recovered
1 USO recovered. (Major damage to Starboard side do to battle damage)

5 Xcom Operatives Killed