Woke Up

by Kaiser
I sat up and stretched.  Still dark out side, even though it was 10:00 in the mourning, it's always dark.  I got dressed and left my room, in the basement and went topside.  I turned on the TV, the picture in the screen said something about technical difficulties.  Switch the channel to 12, mourning news.  There was no one behind the new desk and no one outside in the back windows.  Strange I thought to myself.  My throat hurts I yawned and coughed.  Went over to the kitchen window and looked out side.  The sun... I could see the sky!  I ran to the front door and opened it.  I couldn't believe it the sky I could see the sky!  But... no one was out side and the ground was covered in something like a black, dark dust.  I could feel my skin getting litchi, starting to burn.  I closed the door and went back to my room.  I hadn't noticed it before but the air smelled pretty bad and with each breath my insides burned more and more.  I coughed again this time blood came up.  Started to feel sick.  What was that... something just came into my house.  I heard something walking around up stairs.  I grabbed my baseball bat and hide in my closet.  I could hear the door of my room creak open.  Foot steps walking down coming closer.  
I'm feeling, sleepy.  
Body burning... breathing like razors.  
Eyes watery.
Can't stay awake, pain, to tired to care.  
Something in my room.  
Looking at my... it sees me.  
Not human... was?  
Trying to say something.  
Must kill it.  Can't stand.  
Burning, tired, knees numb, something in the air.
Turning me, killing me.  
No! Kill it!  
I opened the door and smashed it in the head over and over till it slumped with a thud to the ground.
Keep hitting it.  
Coughing can't stop.  
My knees buckled and I fell to the floor.  My head landed next to the thing I hade killed.  I forced my eyes open...  

Well this is my first post.  The person was asleep when the spores fell.  Hope you all like it.

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