The Soldiers Story

by Strahd
This is one of the contributions to a fan-fiction contest we had some time ago. It used to be a part of the Aftermath site, and will soon be part of the StrategyCore site. In the meantime I'm posting it here.

Written by Strahd.

I don't even remember when all started anymore but I can tell you it wasn't pretty.
I was in the theater second row, seat 26. The same seat I sat on for the fifth year
in a row. They were rerunning those good old movies that week as they always did that
time of the year.
We were about half way through Casablanca when I heard some strange noises from the back rows.
When I turned around I couldn't believe my eyes.
There were people literally melting in front of my eyes. Some were blowing up in huge blisters and some were decomposing as though they died right there some 10 years ago. I didn't know what to do at first and naturally I was quite shocked to say the least until one of them stood up. I though it was another person who was unaffected by whatever it was but when I came up to it and actually see what it was I just froze staring at it.
It seemed to have been human at one point but its eyes were dead its skin was
pale where it stayed on the body at least. The closest thing it reminded me to was
a zombie.
It moved towards me hardly making any sound and stopped about a meter in
front of me. It raised its hand and hit me so strong that its force hurled me
through the entire theater hall. Luckily it didn't break anything.
I landed near the exit door and when I got up and took a look around the hall I saw the scene Iwill probably never forget. It seemed that some 30 people were somehow changed or mutated in to those things in 10 maybe 15 minutes and the first thing that came to my mind was to run like hell.
I've opened the exit door and what I saw on the other side would probably be best described as hell. There were some people being chased by what it seemed to be oversized dogs some of those zombie creatures that attacked me and something that had wings in a glooming yellowish atmosphere with what seemed to be hundreds of dead bodies lying all over the parking lots. I didn't take much time to look around but ran as fast as I could towards my truck.
Luck was on my side that day it seemed. The truck was parked closely to the exit door. I thought at that time that we were attacked with some kind of a bio weapon so I figured if I drive as far away as possible I should come out of this poison cloud eventually.
At the same moment I started my car a woman banged on one of the windows begging to let her in.
I didn't know what to do after all she could be one of them but then I saw over her shoulder on of those zombies closing up on her so I opened the door as fast as I could. The second she was in I floored gas paddle and turned towards the interstate ramp.
After an hour of rather speedy driving and quite some of close calls she told me she
was an army medic on R&R and suggested that we go to the nearest army base. Since I
couldn't offer any better suggestion I did what she said. The drive there was strange
and quite eerie. The interstate was practically empty. If we saw anything on road it
was an abandoned vehicle or those mutants and the strange thing was that the mutants
were just standing on their spots as though they were waiting for something.
The base was located in the middle of a remote forest which wasn't strange since it
was a high security R&D base she was stationed to. The first thing we noticed when
we got there was that there we no security guards and the outer perimeter door were
wide opened. We cautiously made our way to the access lift. The only sound we heard
was a remote "vrrrrrr" of a power generator. No other sound was heard not even birds.
She used her access card to call the elevator.
Inside the base looked quite normal save for one thing the staff was missing. She suggested that the first thing we do is find a weapons locker and arm ourselves. We both took a pump action shotgun and went to the communication room. About an hour later she finally made contact with another base. We were told that they were well fortified there and instructed us to pack as many weapons as possible and wait for the helicopter on the ground level.
So we did as we were told. When the chopper arrived about two hours later five men
jumped out. They told us to board it and immediately turned to the elevator. I
found out later that that base became our lead and best R&D base.
The chopper brought us to the main defense base where we were told what happened.
Greys or rather Reticulans as they are called, attacked earth by releasing some
kind of spores into its orbit that turned most of humans into those zombies known
as Transgenants.
So I did the only thing I could. I enlisted my self and was trained as a sniper.
I've been fighting these aliens since that day alongside my six subordinate companions
John "Slime" Haber, Michael "Bulls Eye" Tench, Aron "Pump" Walker, Harry "Smiley" Smith, Tom "Sorrow" Stasgs and our medic Kathy "Doc" Richards. We are know round here as the Ases and we had quite some dreadful and unimaginable missions together. But that's another story.

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