The Room


The darkness hung over the room like a young childs' comforting blanket, but somewhere behind that layer of comfort there was a ominous feeling of dread, a prelude to the scene that would follow. The room waited, impartial and indifferent to the foreboding that lurked within its walls. But for now.....


Somewhere several levels below an ancient machine known only as the "generator" had been dozing silently, but suddenly it had been roused from its slumber.  It rattled and whined noisily, ignorant to the passage of time.

It groaned loudly as several levels above it, back in the the room, the overhead fluorescent lighting flickered briefly and struggled to light.  The darkness fought back and might have won if the lighting hadn't suddenly burst into life, bathing the room in a brilliant bright artificial light.

Overhead the fluroescent tubing hummed in ignorance.

Below the generator grumbled in defiance.

The room waited patiently.

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