Saundersville station

This is one of the contributions to a fan-fiction contest we had some time ago. It used to be a part of the Aftermath site, and will soon be part of the StrategyCore site. In the meantime I'm posting it here.

Written by Not Too Young Not Too Old.

"Sir, this media was just transmitted to us from Squad 5." "Pull it up,
I want to know what happened down there. And get Burke's crew in route."
"Yes General. Ok here it is."

16:00 I am to meet with squad 5, the Burkley squad. I am to do a report
on the progress of this lesser squad's use of substandard equipment.
They are the last to get newly constructed equipment yet they have a
mission rating higher than five of the seven squads. The COE believes
that this particular squad has developed tatics which could be useful to
other squads. I will use the head mounted camera and mouth piece.

View switches to the next morning.

7:05 I met the team members which I have been assigned to. I explained
to them that I would film them in combat and later interview them. This
went over like a lead balloon fish.-

7:15 (Footage of getting aboard the Chopper) Seems they don't like the
fact that I'm taking space that belongs to a fighting soldier. I was
told that they just lost the comrade in whose spot I now sit. I have
been asked to keep my mouth shut. Siqning off.-

9:50 We are nearing Saundersville Station, Sergeant Karter has ordered
Maxwell (Max) to guard me while on this mission. Max is a huge yet,
quiet man. If one wasn't observant, they might think old Max was slow.
But as I watch him I begin to see flashes of intelligence in his eyes.
The others laughed at the order and pointed at me as if I were in
trouble. I am looking to the captain for an explanation. "People tend to
die around Max" (More laughter can be heard)-

10:22 The chopper has deposited us and is lifting off in a hurry, we are
encountering medium resistence. (gun fire can be heard, it doesn't last
long) I got some pretty good film. Max kept getting in the way. He is a
good body guard though.-

10:47 The force has been split in to two groups. Our group is heading
east and Beta north.-

11:20 Ufff, ohhhh puh. Ok Ufff. We've just finished a firefight. I was
unable to take any footage because my bodyguard (Max) wouldn't allow me
to move. Throughout the entire incident he held me against the ground
with his beefy left hand. Oh wait, he wants to tell me something- "Sorry
Sir just following orders."-

12:03 I would like you to listen to the coms that the soldiers listen to
as they perform their mission. Keep in mind that each soldier has a map
with a grid.

" Got three Tangos heading north on the one six line. (pause) Two Tangos
moving north, copy? No visual on other Tango, over. (pause) On your six
Dan. Lets move across to the tanker. (pause) Oh man, now I'm scared.
(Karter's voice) Keep it professional! (pause) Watch that corner guys,
we don't need those two guys to.. Watch it!. Visual. Three tangos by the
back door of the tower. You have green light on weapons Beta.(Distant
gun fire)(pause)
One Tango on the move near the hangers in front of us. Moving north on
the eight line. On your six. Tango moving south on the six line. We got
Spidey at our one oclock." (loud gun fire clogs the mike.)
"I have three visuals, two at the northern light post, one at the
hanger." (Gun fire can be heard at a distance). " Six Tangos running
west on the Alpha line." This is going to be a timing thing between the
six and the two."

Coms and tatics are the only real advantages we humans have.-

12:27 Patrol over, packing up camera until extraction. Got some great

12:42 There's our chopper. What a great sight it is. (Footage of the

12:51 Now the take off and.... (Camera shakes then drops.) (Pilot's
voice) "We're going down, everyone hold on."

12:52 Chopper down!! I repeat chopper down! The chopper is wasted.
Ground fire I think. Dan! Dan! he's unconious, Tayer is dead, I can't
see the rest yet. I'm trying to move but Max is laying across my legs.
Aaaaggggh. Move you big ugly buffalo!! (heavy breathing) What the... I'm
going to die (breath quickens).

(Movement can be heard. Creatures arms and light from charged shielding.
Then the removal of several of the soldier's bodies. Finally silence again.)

"Remain calm Sir"(said the giant in a calm but forceful manner) Max,
you're alive. "Yes Sir." (The camera showed Max as he sat up and looked
around. His eyes quickly scan the avialable weapons. He had no more than
scooped up the weapon of choice when the Reticulans came back for more
bodies. The first Reticulan jumped up into the chopper.)

(The combat shotgun was the deadliest weapon at such short range. The
footage showed the alien's shield weaken with the first shot. The second
shot sent it hurling back and left a deep hole in its center torso. It's
blood splattered across it's failing shield then dropped as the shield

"Wait here sir" (Max's huge body moved with an agility that didn't seem
possible. He crouched near the opening. Plasma bolts tore holes in the
the side of the chopper. The camera falls and goes dark. Heavy breathing
and shotgun blasts are all that can be heard.)

(The fighting sounds stop, the camera slowly and unsteadily rises. It
moves to peer out the door. The scene is pure carnage. Soldier's bodies
lie about. Even more Reticulan are strown about in various states of
trauma. Max stands bent over, holding a smoking shotgun, all the
ammunition spent. A lone Reticulan stands infront of him without a
weapon. Max moves the shotgun around into a baseball stance.) (The video
goes black)

"This must be the point at which Shevel sent us the feed." "Yes, I
suppose your right".

"Well, we can guess the outcome of that fight. A human, in body armor
doesn't stand a chance against at Reticulan in full Sun armor, not even
that behemoth."

The General looked down and a smile appeared across his face.
Thoughtfully he said, "2005 St. Louis Cardinals MVP".

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