by Sabreur
day 1

This is my journal, I write this for the future generations, if
there will be any. I dont know the reason behind this, but maybe
someone can understand me after reading this, the life as we used
to know it has simply dissapeared, there was no warning. We were
lucky enought to live near the bomb shelter, we even got in contact
with some other humans that escaped the destruction, they said that
most of the life on earth was wiped out. I dont want to tell this to
my wife or son. Not yet. We were told to stay inside untill they
notify us about a rescue mission, it is to happen tomorow. I will
write more when I know more.

day 7

There it was. The rescue party. Me, Jack, my son Bred and Juni,
my wife, dashed from our hideout. Running towards the lights in
front of us. After we had taken few steps, hell broke loose
around us. Last thing I remember was the stare in Juni's eye's,
looking at the part of Breds hand she was holding after the
explosion. That was only half a second before she was hit by the
transgenants. I dont remember anything else from the rescue.
I woke up the following day in the medbay, not remembering anything
from the previous night. I still dont remember anything else from
that escape, and I dont want to remember. Someone could say I was
lucky to get out there alive, I dont think so.

This is why I joined the Counsil of Earth troops.
I want to have my revenge, as I do not have anything left to lose,
I am not afraid of anything anymore, I do accept death if I could
kill even one reticulan with it. Tomorow they will start my training.

I am still unsure about this new information. What power could have
unleashed destruction like this, and for what? What did we ever do
wrong? I am told that we are fighting against aliens, normaly, I wouldn't
belive it, but I have seen some very strange things in here. The ones
that attacked us were not aliens, they were some sort of mutated humans,
the reticulans are even worse I was told. I dont know what could be worse
than those things that killed my family.

day 8

I was taken to a room with some weapons, mainly pistols and few assault
rifles. Here my superior, Squad leader John asked me:

"Do you know how thease are used?"
"Yes, I do, I did go throught the army."
"Good, would you prefer to use pistols or rifles, we are a bit short on
rifles but you can get one if you want, it is not going to be easy out there."

Out there? I wondered, wasnt this going to be a training session as I was
told? What the hell do they plan for me?

"What? Wasnt this going to be a training mission only? I asked."
"Yeah, my Squad got this rather easy mission for today, only thing we need
to do is to get something for our reserch base. We are going to liftoff in 15
minutes so pick fast, I still need to brief the others in our team. This is
as easy as our missions get, we dont have enought manpower to actualy train more
than the basicks, this is the trigger and those. Now, choose your weapon."

I took the Colt assault rifle, hell, they wont get me outside with a pistol.

"Very well, we only have 2 clips for it now, so dont miss. We will try to find
you some ammo in the field. Here, take thease too."

He threw me a bag with the standard combat armor used by CoE and light helmet.

"I will be waiting at the helipad, get there fast. And dont forget to take the
medipack and few frags from that box over there. Now dress yourself fast and
move out! We wont be waiting for greens like you"

He left before I realy had a change to say a word. I dressed up and took the
medikit and two granades he told me to take. Now, where in the hell is the
helipad. He never told me that. I dashed outside the room and asked some
teenage girl in the corridor.

"Where is the helipad?"
"Huh? You dont know? She said looking at me strange."
"Fast now, im in a hurry! I yelled at her."
"Take the turn left there and the lift up, that's where the helipad is. And
good luck greenie" She yelled behind me when I was allready running.

I made it just in time, the chopper took up just when I got into it. I looked around
me and saw four soldiers, dressed the same I was. Two of them were holding PSG1 rifles, one had a jacket full of granades, nothing else, and the last had ak-47 on his lap.

"Well well well, we got another greenie in here, hope you do better than the last one, he was only 17, even looked like a kid. Did you hear that he was killed the second he walked behind the corner?" Said the man that had the granade jacket.

"Dont scare him Demo, he's green sure but this aint as hard as the one the boy was." Answered female voice, the other of the PSG users.

"Every mission can turn into hell at any times, so keep focused in the mission area. There is allways transsies wanting to eat us or whatever they do with our bodies. We are to get in, ambush something, and drag it back to base. And remember Demo, we need this one alive, dont use those granades." This voice I regoniced, our squadleader, John.

"And you, you will stay 5 meter on my left side unless I say anything different"
He said looking to me.

"Ok, but what are we having against us?"

"Just some transsies, nothing serious, however, they can get mean if they catch you offguard."

I stayed silent, and so did the others. So much for my training day, right into the combat. No-one even bothered to ask my name, so I didn't bother to ask their. The day was turning to night, I was thinking about the upcoming mission, here I am armed with rifle and only two clips, not knowing anything I was supposed to do, exept, to stay 5m from Jack. I didnt like this at all, but I didnt care.

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