Facehuggers UFO Story

<Still just prologue and such>

Time: August 17, 2004
Twilight: -7 months
Location: Groom Lake, Nevada
Time of Day: Dusk.

Deep inside the the womb of the earth was the impenetreble Area 51 facility. Long believed by nutjobs and wackos to be a nexus of secret projects, projects that would wither if they ever saw the light of day. It was all that- and more. This base was part of a small string of similar underground bases scattered around the world. These bases, operating under the codename "Dreamland" contained something unique on the planet. They truly did contain aliens. Diplomatic envoys from an alien race. But in addition to the benevolent aliens, they also contained numerous secret and terrible plots aimed against the human race...

Location: Secure Confrence Room, Area 51 facility, level 240

The Majestic Twelve were a group that had outlived their usefulness to the US government. Originally chartered to communicate with the aliens, which they did successfully, they were now just incumberent weight, and its members feared losing the broad power they had in past decades. During their long reign, they had accumulated vast wealth, and gained huge amounts of power over national governments the world over.

Now, there is a progress report being delivered in the Area 51 secured confrence room. Who knows what MJ12 plans to do?

"Ahh, Number Eight, how are the construction projects going?" The senior of the two men asked.
"Very well, number three. Soon we will have large stockpiles of weapons and equipment in our bunkers under most of the major cities of the world. Then, we will have the firepower needed to ensure our rule over these chattle." Number eight replied.
"The weapons are only part of the plan. Once the construction is complete, we will engineer the release of the deathsmaw virus in major metropolitian areas. Then we will distribute the cure, but only in very limited quantities. As the people get desperate, they'll give us anything we want to save them. We'll be able to demand whatever we want!  The weapons and bases are merely insurance that no one will try to stop us."
"Like our Grey 'friends?'"
"Yes. They will most likely try, if they discover our plans."
"But...Now that you've told me...what happens if the Reticulian ambassadors probe my mind? We already know that they can communicate telepathically, what if they can rip the information from our very minds"
"What they don't know won't hurt them. Just don't give them a reason to be suspicious then...
"Of couse, Number Three."
Number Eight turned and went to leave the room.
"Oh, and Number Eight? When this is all over, and we rule the world, you can have any country you want"
"Really? I've always favored France..."
"Then you shall have it my friend"

Location: Aboard the 'Evil' Reticulian science ship.

*Author's note: If you are a minor under age 16, or if you are offended by intense scenes of torture, anal probing, and procreation, do not read past this point. ( I would give it a PG-13 bordering on R rating.)*

Brian had been in his 'cell' if that was the proper term for the small organic enclosure that he had been placed inside for over a month. In that time, no one (or no thing) had come to see him. Even the alien 'doctor' who had at first seemed so enthuisastic had not shown up after he was placed inside his enclousure. Brian was beginning to lose it. He longed for contact with anything, even one of those disgusting grey creatures. Although his nutritional needs were met through 'food' (brown goop) and 'water' (more brown goop), he needed to talk to something.
"What do you want!?" He yelled into the walls. He had been doing that for the past month with no response, and his spirits were low.

But today was unlike the previous days of his incarceration. Within minutes of yelling, the flap of flesh that was keeping him inside his cell retracted. Two aliens, looking just like the 'doctor' dragged him out of his cell, and into what looked like an examination room...

"Ahh, it is good to see you again...Brian is it?"
Brian could feel the alien tugging at his mind, searching it for the information that he wanted, in this case that information was Brian's name.
"Don't mind those two" the doctor said, pointing at the guards "They don't really have a sense of humor. I thought it was hilarious when I grafted a tentacle onto one of the other subjects. Heh. Those spoilsports can't understand a good joke! They actually think I'm sadistic! You don't think I'm sadistic, do you Brian? Don't answer that"
The alien grabbed an enormous metal phallic instrument. "Now, lets see...Ah! I notice that you have guessed the purpose of this device. It is simply put, and anal probe. Of couse, the standard one was a bit too small and painless to get effective measurements. This one, on the other hand has retractable spikes all along its legnth and is signifigantly larger than the normal one."
The doctor tapped a button on the table. Suddenly, pulsing red tentacles shot up through the floor and bound Brian. Then the doctor began the probing... Brian's pain was excruciating. All he could see was a white light as he was nearly torn asunder by the monsterous device. Then, when he believed the pain couldn't get any worse, spikes expanded out of the probe. "I see you like my modifications to the standard probe, eh?"
"Go--tooo-hell" It was obvious that Brian strained to say that through his grit teeth.
"Now now...don't be..." a console near the table beeped, interupting the doctor.
"That is unfourtnate, the probe finished its operation. Hmmph."
Brian felt unimginable relief as the hideous device, covered in his own blood withdrew.

But his relief was only temporary, as the doctor now came back, with another object. It appeared similar to an earthworm, except that it had tiny jaws and a spiderlike arrangement of eyes. It was wiggling trying to get out of the doctor's grasp. "This is a Reticulian blood worm. You see, they enhance any sensations that a compatible being feels. And humans are quite compatible. I need to measure your pain threshold, and this worm will assist me in that respect." The doctor dropped the worm onto Brian's face. The obviously insane doctor cackled as he savored the fear in Brian's eyes as the worm made its way past his cheek into his ear.

Then the doctor took out what looked like a jigsaw, and began cutting through layers of Brian's flesh. The pain, ehnanced by the blood worm, caused him to black out. "Alright...You may be just what we need for the bionode..." Before leaving, the Doctor injected Brian with a putrid blue liquid. Then he left and Brian was alone again in the exam room.

When Brian awoke some hours later, the doctor was nowhere to be seen, and the tentacles that had bound him were gone. He was still groggy and sore from that damned doctor's machinations, but he got up and surveyed the room. It was large, with several examination tables like the one he was on. All but one was empty. On the other table, there was the most beautiful woman that Brian had ever seen, strapped down with the same tentacles that had bound him. There was something odd about her, though. Something that Brian couldn't quite place his finger on...
"Hello?" he called out to her.
"Unghh." She rolled onto her side, facing Brian.
"Who are you?" she asked.
"I'm Brian."
"Please help me, Brian. That evil creature injected me with some sort of aphrodesiac. But these tentacles won't let me satisify myself. Please make love to me..."
There was something odd about her request, she was almost too insistant. Had he been thinking in his right mind, Brian would have noticed something was up, but the doctor had given him what ammounted to an intoxicant, he couldn't think properly. So he abliged her request.

*Author's note number two: I'm not just introducing that female character just to have some sex in my story, there is a devious reason as to why she is there and is so willing to bonk someone she doesn't know. Also note, the rest of the story will be more like PG material, as in minimal sex and no probing.*

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