Blood Ravens

by Exe22
Im the first to enter through the green light, im always scared to death when i do this. The moment i step iside, it feels like im falling through time and space, and the, just as sudden as it started, its over. I lie on the floor and watch the others come out of the teleporter, first Porta, then babyface. After him comes Sven and Julius.Although im a little bit disoriented, i try to focus and take a look at the suroundings, and what i see scares me. We are in a little room with concrete walls and a massive door, and most frightingly, in every corner there is a automated turret hanging from the roof, and they are all pointing at us. We dosnt dare to move, barely dare to breathe .After a minute or so, the door slides silently open and a man who looks like and officer walks in."sorry about that guys, but we had to make sure you were humans before we let you in", he says."you couldnt just ask?", Porta replies.

The officer is guiding us through the base towards the helipad."What was all that about"i ask."there has been some incidents where the teleporter has gone loco, and those teleported ended up an entirely diferent place than planned. Even once, an alien popped out of one of our teleporters", the officer says over his shoulder.We walk in silence for a minute, thinking about what we just heard. Noone has ever told us anything about this."Ah, here we are" the foficer says after a while."The medic is already onboard". "What medic?" i say with a little bit of suspicion in my voice."New regulations, every squad that operates in the field requiers a medic". "We are fighting for our life, and those pricks in admininstration still has the time to make new regulations. As if we didnt have enough with ourselve, now we got to babysit a quack". porta says."You wont  have to babysit him", the officer laughs."He blasted his way here a few days after the first attack, with a gun that he wrestled out of the hands of a morelman.He hates the aliens more than anyone else.Noone knows why, but there is a rumor that his entire family was killed by one of the first trangenants"."sounds like a funny guy" is Svens only comment.

thats it for now. after this i really need some ideas, so please come with some

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