All Alone


I awoke with a start, I dimly recognised the distant sound of gunfire as it played its familiar tune. Its steady beat played over and over, how long had it repeated its endless cycle whilst I had lain here I wondered?

My body ached and my head spun or was it the room that was spinning? It was hard to think straight! Let alone get my barings. I did know one thing for sure, that I had lain here too long. I must of slipped into unconciousness and that was an error I may yet live to regret. But the pain! Oh my god the pain! It was nothing I had ever felt before...something was wrong....

I was in serious trouble (Relax, be Calm)!!? Think straight for gods sake! My blood was running slowly down my arm, my clothes were already soaked in it, as was the ground where I was currently laying. There was too much blood for such a small wound (does not matter, be free)?!? I gotta pull myself together, this was not the time to be losing it! Theses voices in my head! Panic was starting to take over (be calm, be free)?!! I must stay focused! My slippery bloodied fingers had already lost me my weapon at some point during my flight, where I had I dropped it? (Does not matter, you will be free)?!? Every time I had tried to scan my surroundings my head throbbed and my eyes refused to focus, it would be so easy just to lay my head back down on the cracked earth and rest for a while. (do it, do not worry)!?? Without my rifle I was defenceless and my chances of getting back to my squad were next to none anyway, but whilst I could hear the gunfire in the distance, it was getting fainter as the battle moved away from me. Where were my comrades? Were they not searching for me? Surely they wouldn't leave me here, all alone? (no need to fear now)?!

These pains and sensations I were feeling were my biggest problems (do not fear, be one)?! I knew what it represented, and I knew what was probably happening to me as I lay here alone (not alone now)!? We had all been briefed and shown the results of test cases which had been in prolonged exposure to the bio-mass. It did things to you, horrible twisted things born out ou your darkest nightmares! (dreams, beautiful dreams, be one)!?

Just how long had I lain here? I must try and concentrate! How am I supposed to think straight with these voices in my head?! (do not fear)?! The test cases that we had been shown had started to exhibit signs of mutation in what? Three, Four, or was it five hours? Or was that days? Or even weeks? (it does not concern you now)??

The hell it doesn't! I can't think straight with (do not fear us)? these (you will be free)? damn (come to us)? voices (we are your friends)? in my (be one with us)? HEAD!!! (we are coming...........)

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