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UFO: Extraterrestrials Box
Developer: Chaos Concept
Publisher: Tri Synergy


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UFO: Extraterrestrials


UFO: Extraterrestrials is a game developed by Chaos Concept, a group of developers from the Czech Republic, and is a return to the turn-based strategy genre made popular by the X-COM games.

The basic overview is that Earth has been overrun by an alien invasion force and the aliens are apparently now encroaching into your own territory on the planet Esperanza. You must command your forces in a variety of tactical combat missions as well as researching and manufacturing new technologies to defeat the alien foe and hopefully find out what happened to Earth and why the aliens are attacking.


I did not sense my life would change so much when the recon ships Luise and Clark brought terrible news about the alien invasion on our beloved mother Earth, acquired out of the data system of a UFO, crashed several months ago The invasion couldn't be prevented. Terrestrials have already lost their battle two years ago. We would never get there in time...

Our planet, Esperanza, is in danger, as an alien battle cruiser didn't appear by chance. And so the government of Esperanza founded the CAF. The government has a research base constructed with a task to find out the range of the jeopardy and to provide defence. Scientists followed by engineers flooded the base. Nothing seemed to be happening and the alien spacecraft seemed to have only lost its way. The government and general public interest dropped. However, it turned out that the aliens visit our place as well. Contrary to common radars, the improved scanners sometimes intercepted UFOs. Out-of-the-way dwellings and mines were raided. At that time the leaders realized that they would need troops. They cast a net and found a few volunteers. And it was I who was in charge of commanding them and conducting the training, thanks to my long battle career and great shooting strokes of success in various competitions.


Strategic Gameplay

  • Geoscape view of the planet Esperanza
  • Researching and manufacturing abilities
  • Air to air combat interceptions
  • Construction of base facilities
  • Construction of multiple bases

Tactical Gameplay

  • Combat to take place in different terrains, such as desert and underground
  • Fully destructible terrain
  • Squad-based gameplay