Civilization Revolution Interview

Mike Nino had the pleasure of interviewing Firaxis about Civilization Revolution. There’s lots of nice information on the next-gen console version of Civilization and reassurance for nervous PC gamers too!

Sword of the Stars: Born of Blood Review

Space Voyager led the bloodthirsty Zuul on their mission to enslave the galaxy…and liked it!

Jagged Alliance 3 Interview

Mike Nino had a chance to talk to Alexander Kozhevnikov of Akella about the upcoming Jagged Alliance 3 from F3 games. Built on the Silent Storm engine by former Nival employees amongst others, Jagged Alliance fans are facing a bright future!

Heavy Duty Interview

Mike Nino quizzes game producer Peter Winichenko about the evolution of Heavy Duty at E3 2007.

King's Bounty Interview

StrategyCore had the opportunity to Speak with Anatoly Subbotin, PR Manager with 1C, regarding their upcoming game King’s Bounty.

Disciples III Second Interview

Mike Nino catches up with Akella’s progress with Disciples III a year on at E3 2007

Fallout 3 Interview

Mike Nino fires off a barrage of questions at Emil Pagliarulo, Fallout 3’s Lead Designer at E3 2007.

Sword of the Stars Review

After putting this space empire game through its paces, Spave Voyager decided it lived up to its expectations.

UFO Afterlight Second Preview

Mars has more than a hostile environment in ALTAR’s UFO series. Crazy Gringo spent countless hours with the preview build just prior to release, and you can read what he though inside.

Silent Storm Review

Play as either axis or allies in the best turn-based small-squad game since Jagged Alliance 2. Read FullAuto’s praise of the game inside! This is MANDATORY for all turn-based fans.

UFO Afterlight Preview

Some of the survivors after the genocide at Earth have been moved to Mars. Check out what Slaughter thought after his hands-on experience previous to the game’s release.

X-COM Colonization Interview

Slaughter sat down with The Veteran to discuss this prequel to the X-COM series.

Sword of the Stars Preview

Space Voyager sat down with a preview copy and seemed to like what he saw. Read more about his initial impressions inside.

Sword of the Stars Interview Part 3

In part 3, Mike talks to Martin Cirulis about annihilating, winning, defending, surrendering and asks that age-old question: “How big is the universe?”

UFO Aftermath Review

Aliens have wiped out most of Earth’s population, and you are leading the few survivors through the last stand. Check out what FullAuto thought of ALTAR’s first UFO game.