UFO Afermath Short Q&A

by on 3rd May 2002

Interviewer: ooda
Interviewee: Martin Klima

OO: It has been mentioned in interviews, mainly one conducted by Pete from X-COM Tactical Command, it has been mentioned that the base management  features will be streamlined, or cut-down. Will individual funding nations  still occur, or will global powers take the place of this, such as the EU,  the US or China?
MK: No, the Earth is almost totally destroyed. There are no funding nations, indeed no funding at all.

OO: Looking at what has been said about the geoscape, and art created of buildings within tactical missions, will there be unique buildings for each country? Such as, will there be different buildings in  say, Australia, than say Portugal?

MK: Yes, in this case. Obviously, though, the buildings in Portugal will be very much like the buildings in Spain.

OO: In one interview, it seemed that you hinted at a sequel. Is there any chance, and if so, would it continue the story, or would  it be basically an add-on pack?

MK: It's just too early to discuss this. It depends on the success or lack thereof of the first game.

OO: Will it be at all possible to mod the game? In this meaning, create new units, or change current unit stats?

MK: Definitely, there will be possibility to change stats or design custom missions. Including your own models and their animations  would be difficult though and we don't know if we are going to allow this.
OO: Finally, to date, is UFO: Aftermath your hardest project?

MK: No, Original War was in many ways more difficult, not least because it was our first big project.