Civilization V: England vs The World AAR

Sunflash sets off with nothing but a stiff upper lip, a cup of tea and some jolly good plans for world domination in this Civilization V AAR.

Hearts of Iron II: I am a Doughnut, Germany AAR

FullAuto attempts to take over the world playing as Germany in this Hearts of Iron II AAR.

Hearts of Iron II: Italy Gearing Up for War AAR

Kaije marches the seemingly-unstoppable Italian army across Europe, but declarations of war from all sides could pose a problem.

Hearts of Iron II: LEF or Death AAR

FullAuto plays as France and crushes Germany before they can get going in WWII.

Jagged Alliance 2: The M-Team AAR

FullAuto takes on Queen Deidranna in Arulco in this humorous JA2 after action report.